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Dallas Observor's Richie Whitt's House Is Haunted

I've always been a fan of Richie Whitt's writing, but he's put up a couple of posts over at his blog which are a bit unnerving. Part 1. (from early March) Part 2. (from earlier today)


Anonymous said...

His house is just catching a clear vibration wave from a nearby highway or rail line or something. It happens, and if the "this does this" and "that does that" with respect to soil types, frequency of the vibration, etc. it sometimes seems weird when it happens.

Anonymous said...

What's that chant from Christians?

In the name of JESUS be gone DEBIL or something like that.

He needs to run through his house doing that. Heck, maybe, have the whole family, the neighbors, etc. do it with him.

Phillip J Hubbell said...

Probably needs to check his foundation. Wait until the drywall pops in the middle of the night. then they will be cleaning some sheets.

Anonymous said...

We had some incidents in our old home that I can't explain away. The sound of a small knocking can be heard in a wall, every once in a while. In a bedroom, shelves would mysteriously fall to one side dumping everything on them. Impressions would appear on the made=up bed,as though someone had sat on it. Noises during the night ....some say footsteps, others have heard "visiting." And the topper, a picture hanging on the wall seemed to "bleed" from behind. On closer inspection, one of the little round pads that are placed on the back corners was "melted!" Only one....not the others, just that one seemed to melt and then run (ooze) down the wall. Nothing behind or in front of the picture was/is "hot." ?????

We too, have bulbs that flicker and burn out unbelievably quick. I do think that is because we live in an older home. Our electricity has been updated, but I don't know HOW updated.

We decided we had moved into a home where there was another inhabiting. We accepted it, and said we were there to stay so we'd just have to learn to get along. Now, after a few years, things have settled down, and we get along with "our friend" just fine.

chupacabra said...

I don't believe in ghosts- even for a minute but, I know people who lived in Decatur that will tell you they tore their house down and built another because of strange things like telelphones flying from upstairs and smashing into the middle of the table when everyone seated there for dinner, banging noises followed by the sound of running and all the kids and the mom being jerked out of bed in the middle of the night.
All of this supposedly happened on Walnut street.

Like I said, I don't belive in that stuff but, that family sure did.

Anonymous said...

um, I don't believe there are any NEW homes along Walnut street in Decatur. ooops!