Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Apparently the Fort Worth Zoo was the last place that you wanted to be yesterday. (And the director of the zoo was on WBAP this morning saying there is no limit as to how many people they will allow in at one time.)
  • I'm not sure I want my president taking time out to fill out his basketball bracket on ESPN. And I'm not sure I want him to have the time to form an opinion on whether Duke has a good perimeter game.
  • There's something weird about the ruling yesterday that a Richland Hills girl died of an ecstasy overdose. You never, ever see that. (The sixteen year old was discovered dead the morning after spending the night with her boyfriend. Seems normal.)
  • Olan Mills fun.
  • There's a cat next door to my office that has a cast on one leg.
  • The congressional AIG hearing yesterday was silly. They bring in the CEO of the company who was brought in after the fact for a salary of $1 a year and berate him?
  • But the CEO did blame "credit default swaps" for the near death of AIG. I think I'm going to explain those later. Really.
  • I get suckered into "Little Children" whenever I see it on TV. And, man, it has a couple of crazy scenes in it.
  • We have a new picture of Charles Manson. Isn't it odd that he has been in prison all these years for simply planning the murders but not taking part in them?
  • As a kid, I watched "Helter Skelter" at a friend's house and then had to walk home in the dark. I didn't think I'd make it.
  • There are lots of different sizes of ants. (I'm having an issue with some little bitty ones at home.)
  • A pantie thief steals hundreds of panties for Victoria's Secret in North East Mall? Don't we hear that story about once every three months? Is there a black market for underwear that I was not aware of? Shouldn't I be aware of it? What?
  • Baylor beat Patrick Ewing and the Georgetown Hoyas last night in the NIT - its first post season win in 59 years. But then I started to do the math when forward Kevin Rogers said, "My grandma's not even 50."
  • You want to be nervous the next time you fill up with gas? You will be.