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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • While you were sleeping: Abilene Christian 147, Texas Women's 143.
  • I went to bed before the end of the Texas/Ohio State game got exciting. Ugh. I knew better. (Texas won in the last seconds for those that care but don't care enough to watch it.)
  • Colt McCoy's hot girlfriend runs track at Baylor? Well, that's just not right.
  • "New Texas speaker to shift House dynamic toward middle." I keep saying that the era of the far right conservative is over.
  • I bet Phil King is sad.
  • When I see the cops have someone pulled over, my initial reaction is one of "Who are they screwing with now?"
  • Legal note of the day: Is it illegal to cuss out a cop?
  • Gas seems to have shot up 20 cents a gallon over night.
  • Is everyone truly "refreshed" after the holidays?
  • If I wrote "see AnnaLynne McCord in a bikini" would you click on that link even if you didn't know who AnnaLynne McCord is?
  • I watched the opening credits of Reversal Of Fortune the other night and in the background, shot from a helicopter, was mansion after mansion along the coast. I spent the next 30 minutes tracking down where that was and looking at satellite images of it on the Google. (Turned out to be Newport, Rhode Island.)
  • I had a horrible nightmare last night. I woke up and found my heart pounding. And now, for the life of me, I have no idea what it was about. Drives me nuts.
  • I haven't been in a limo in 10 years.
  • For folks going from Bridgeport to Fort Worth, I think it's easier to go through Decatur now that 380 has been expanded.
  • Most Bridgeport folks make it to (or at least through) Decatur all the time. I wonder if your average Decatur resident ever goes to Bridgeport?
  • I'm still made at UPS because of The Christmas Eve Incident of 2008. I response, I've had friends send me hidden camera videos of UPS throwing packages at doors here and here. And then someone tried to make me feel worse by claiming my UPS delivery person looked like this.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of police, did you see the shooting of the man on the BART platform in SF? They had him face first on the ground, cop gets up and shoots him in the stomach.

We are such obedient cows. Kid gets shot by police in Greece - riots. Man gets shot by police in the US, oooh, look at this shiny toy!


Anonymous said...

That would be Texas Woman's not Women's

Anonymous said...

grr.. I am mad at UPS too. We order some computer parts online. The UPS guy just left the package in the front yard. He didnt even knock on the door. It was about 10 feet from the front steps. I had I not had to run to the store that afternoon we wouldnt have known it was there at all. We called and complained and all they said was sorry at least your got your package though.

Anonymous said...

Chess is a fun game and out of 310 games I've beat the computer 100 times.

Someday I will rule the world,but not today.

Anonymous said...

Can I help to hold her upright next??

Anonymous said...

Of course the era of the far right is over and will never be back. Yippee!

Anonymous said...

I was enjoying the digestion of a good breakfast until you mentioned Phil King.


wordkyle said...

"The era of the far right conservative is over" -- what does that mean? That Liberals have won the latest elections? There is an ebb and flow to politics, and Democrats are in the catbird seat for the moment. You might as well say "the era of self reliance, can-do attitude and individualism is over."

Democrats have mastered the politics of envy, which is apparently what Americans today want. A study (in the text of the article) indicates that people would rather earn $50,000 a year and everyone else $25,000, than earn $100,000 when everyone else earned $200,000. They will sacrifice their own benefit to hurt others.

Tax policy, anyone?

Exploiting class envy may win elections for Democrats, but it doesn't do much for the character or humanity of the electorate. "What profits a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"

Anonymous said...

Legal note of the day: Is it illegal to cuss out a cop?

I am somewhat confused by the semi-legalspeak of that story, but can I assume that cussing a cop IS protected by the First Amendment? Can we assume that from now on, all cops will get severely cursed from 2:00AM until all the drunk a-holes hit the pillow?
A guy who carries a badge and a gun will probably take offense at the kind of verbal assualt lodged by the defendant. At the least, he might get arrested. At worst, he'll get his jaw broken AND arrested. However, if the same defendant utters the same invective to the average after-hours crowd, several of those people would have the same reaction, and they don't have the protection of the badge.
I'm getting tired head just thinking about this. I do not envy cops, or lawyers, or judges. Think I'll just stick to my playboy philanthropist/astronaut gig

Anonymous said...

on 12 12,2012 it wont matter what's legal anymore.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I heard about that story - 50k/25k versus 100k/200k. That was disgusting to hear the results. It's the same as big fish-small pond or small fish-big pond. Who in their right mind would sacrifice their own prosperity just for bragging rights?

Anonymous said...

Tax policy anyone? What gives with rasing the TAX on gas 10 cents because they arnt makeing enought on gas? wernt they just killing all of us a few months ago?

Anonymous said...

Wordkyle 8:54 - You remain 'willfully ignorant'.

You have the tools to provide a true picture of reality but you refuse to see. You are intentionally staying in your box without expanding your universe. It is comfortable there for you. This is your choice.

Thankfully, the majority of people have realized right wing conservatism has failed.

Extremism on either side is never good.

Anonymous said...

I can see the validity of the proposed ban on 12/21/2012. Why don't we just all assume that every post will have a reference to that date? The sticking point is that the person(s) won't have the benefit of saying "Told ya!" in the event that he/she/it/they are correct.
It's gotten to the point where the poser posters are getting the date confused. It's 12/21/2012, not 12/12/2012

Anonymous said...

Hey 9:22
you used the words you or your 5 times in a 4 word paragraph. whereas wordkyle talked about fact you decided to win your argument by negative personal assumptions.

Typical Liberal!?!?!


Anonymous said...

On 12/12/12 will Wordkyle be gone? If so I think 2012 cant come soon enough.

I agree with him on the ebb and flow of politics but .....

It was the Republicans who designed class warfare. They almost eliminated middle class there motto is "You have the Haves and the Have Nots" but America woke up and realized all the far right propaganda was just that .... Total Bullshit.

"We don't need to regulate anything. Corporations will do the right thing. Wall Street will do the right thing. Trust us !! And hey !!! We haven't been attacked since 911."

And as far as "the era of self reliance, can-do attitude and individualism is over."

I think average American always had/has these attributes and those comments are insulting to ALL AMERICANS.

Fact is we get up and work every day and after 8 years I AM NOT BETTER OFF so I voted the bums out !!!

goober said...

Since he has not represented anyone but big utilities for the last 10 years, it will not matter to us in Parker and Wise counties, but I hope Phil King can't get a seat in the men's potty room, much less some significant committee. And I hope he gets no where near any energy or utility actions. Then let's see how long that campaign warchest he has last.

Anonymous said...

Wordkyle back under the rock you slithered from. We thought/hoped we heard the last of your drivel.

Anonymous said...

Maybe getting rid of Craddick is the first step to getting rid of King. And maybe the new D.A. will investigate the electioneering last March by John Trice and Larry Wilson and do something about that kind of misbehavior in public and elected officials, although I have my doubts. History says, in general, one elected official covers for another one.

wordkyle said...

922 - Thank you for your opinion. Now refute my points. Is it not reality that Democrats have exploited class envy to win elections? Are you actually trying to imply that Democrats promote self-reliance?

Your examples to support your post -- if you can provide any --should be entertaining.

934 - Your passion is admirable, if misplaced. Provide examples of any leading Republicans who have said "we don't need to regulate anything." To the contrary, in the past I have provided links to videos of Republicans calling for tighter regulation of Fannie Mae, with Democrats arguing that it was unnecessary. It appears that you have bought into a load of propaganda sold by the Democrats via the media.

Your comment that the average American has the traits I mentioned is likely correct. Does the Democrat party encourage or promote those traits? Or does it encourage and promote a greater dependence on government for your needs?

940 - Not being able to bully someone into silence really bothers you, doesn't it? Those days are over.

Anonymous said...

ON 12 12 or was it 12 21 Of??Oh I dont know Im so confused wait it wont matter anyway! Or will it? It might but then it might not.I dont know who I am anymore? Who am I what am I? dosnt matter either does it? Im a dog chasing my tail in circles I go why because I have one! UH well somtime in the future we are doomed and theres a one and a two in that specific date doomed I tell you all DOOMED DOOMED DOOMED!

Anonymous said...

Chick's got three hands. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

12-12-12 is sooooo well,symetrical isn't it?

Jarhead said...

That UPS girl has a nice box.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord, now Wordy is preaching.

Casual Observer said...

If I wrote "see AnnaLynne McCord in a bikini" would you click on that link even if you didn't know who AnnaLynne McCord is?


Collectionsite said...

In my humble opinion Wordkyle it was the Republicans that came out with the "Joe Six Pack" play book. And Sarah Palin played that card to the hilt.

That my son is "Class Warfare" if you put some in depth thinking to the subject.

I also feel that since most Americans did not become more secure financially no matter how hard they worked so they went with the Democratic Party for change.

It takes few words to speak the truth.

The Republicans accused the liberals of interfering with the Free Market. They demanded that corporations be allowed to do their thing - make money to the exclusion of all else.

They continue to attempt to convinced a gullible, naive public, that liberal democrats had hatched a diabolical, nation wrecking conspiracy aimed at ruining the American Dream.

George Bush is creditied for changing or eliminating the rules by which employees take family or medical leaves of absence. He doesn’t like current law designed to prevent oil spills and their containment, and he eased the rules governing real estate transactions. His deregulations will ease the limits on coal fired plants, oil refineries and chemical factories, relaxing their CO2 emission standards. While every nation on Earth, with the exception of Red China, is restricting CO2 emissions, Republicans are increasing them!

Current regulations that kept the mining industry from knocking the tops off mountains will be changed to BYD, or Bring Your own Dynamite. Catch limits in the fishing industry will be increased. Airborne lead restrictions will be relaxed, and across the board environmental regulations will be deep sixed.

The “Good Ol’ Days” will return with the dumping of coal slurry into the Nation’s streams and rivers.

All of this and more brought to you by George Bush and the Republican Party.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of TU, 2 thoughts.

1. Sports commentators address most all ball players by last name only. But not McCoy.

2. How many other college players parents get as much TV time as McCoys? Oh, sorry---- Colt McCoys? They were shown 12 times last night. (Although she is quite the MILF)

I hates me some TU.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if I feel "refreshed" after the holidays...I think its more like I've been kicked real hard in the balls.

Francine Fishpaw said...

Don't get too excited for Phil King's demise just yet. Take a look at Mr. Straus' contributor list with the Texas Ethics Comm'n. Lots and lots of utility money, just like King. It will be interesting (and telling)to watch the committee assignments.

BTW, word is that a big reason Dems are supporting Straus is because he agreed to push a bill requiring the election of the ins. commissioner (presently appointed by Gov.).

Anonymous said...

10:49 your hate is showing. Some players get the first/last name treatment based on how easily the name trips off the tongue.
Colt McCoy is easier to say (and more fun) than just McCoy. I had the same problem with a former Philly (sh)eagles DB named Bobby Taylor. I couldn't stand that they never used only his last name.
You took the trouble to count how many times they showed his family? You should be griping about the bias shown by that lousy announcing crew. The color analyst complained bitterly about the helmet-to-helmet contact on "ColtMcCoy" when the referee clearly said the infraction was for a blow to the head, borne out by the replay. And the play-by-play guy says "Somebody get Bevo a Kleenex. He's got a lunger hanging out of his nose." Obviously, he knows nothing about bovines, or he would have known that was just calf slobbers. How far down the call list did Fox go to dig up those two?

Triple Fake Ghost of Howard Cosell

Anonymous said...

11:31. You are right. It is hate and I show it!

The Real 10:49!

Anonymous said...

Decaturites go to Bridgeport? Only because they have liquor there now.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Collectionsite!!

Anonymous said...

Is that Silicone.....

wordkyle said...

Collectionsite - Please explain how the "Joe Sixpack"/"Joe the Plumber" subject was class warfare. At the same time, explain why Democrats tried to destroy "Joe the Plumber" in the media (to the extent of illegally accessing his records.)

Now, consider the number of times Democrats used terms like "the wealthy" and "the top one percent" during the last several campaigns. And explain how those terms are not designed to provoke class envy.

Also, can you provide an example of any Republican who ever said that companies should be allowed to make money to the exclusion of all else? Since you made the claim, I figure you have an example close at hand.

All of your potshots don't dispute the point that the Democrat party (and, by extension, Liberalism) promotes dependence on government and unaccountability.

Anonymous said...

Word, Asking Finger Nail Clipper Collector to state facts to support his claims is like asking Obammy if he was lying to us when he said he wouldn't have any lobbyists in his administration. Isn't it funny how the party of inclusion is keeping a black man from rightfully taking his seat in the Senate? Imagine the name calling if Harry Reid were a Republican. "Don't send me a black man, send me a white woman."

Anonymous said...

Wordkill I am smarter than you! Yes I agree you have wonderful skill with words and cut paste copy etc very articulate sentene structure proper use of english etc etc But I doubt you really ever have an original thought!

observation Just say'n

Anonymous said...

Looks like you finally got busted, Word! The 3:25 poster is all over you. At least, I think that's what happened amid all that non-punctuation gibberish.
Admit defeat!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I have articulate sentene structure too!

wordkyle said...

325 - You may indeed be smarter than I am. I actually copy and paste very little, though.

There are very few original thoughts, by the way. As for my arguments, Calhoun said more than 150 years ago that it is the "inequality of condition between the front and rear ranks, in the march of progress, which gives so strong an impulse to the former to maintain their position, and to the latter to press forward into their files." (Copied and pasted...from my own blog.) Democrats would squelch all incentive for anyone to improve his lot in life.

Read a little history and you find that there have been LOTS of smart people before us.

(By the way, for all you me-haters, do you think Barry posted that comment by accident?)

Anonymous said...

Wordbile I am sorry. When I told you to slither back under the rock you came from. I should have said "slither back under the bridge" you came from.

Thats what TROLLS do. They hide under the bridges. And take Anon 3:10 with you. Nothing like a faceless little mini me by your side. He is proof on "whats it like to lay with your Mama".

And I noticed you did not dispute any of the facts collection spewed on deregulation. You really are a spinless Troll.

Anonymous said...

Let me put my 2 cents in. Joe the plumber guy was about as stupid as the other copy cat from east Texas. Joe the driller. There was a guy who bragged how hard it was to run his company as he exploited illegal Mexicans. Joe the plumber was a fake. The man didn't even have a freaking plumbers license and the republicans kept telling us how he just wants to be a successful business man. If that isn't a class label I don't know what is. I am not going to mention the other blogger on this thread that no matter what anyone says still will be nothing but a cut and paste fool. Tune in Rush and 30 minutes after his show you can bet this guy will be on the blog yapping.

wordkyle said...

450 - You may want to brush up on your net vocabulary. A troll is someone who incites and argues for its own sake. I'm sincere in my contempt for Liberalism.

I asked Collectionsite for an example of one his lurid claims. I'm still waiting on that. If -- and that's a very large IF -- he cites examples and support for his claims, I'll be happy to deal with them one at a time.

And no one -- not even you, Mr. Anon 450 -- has refuted my initial claim that Democrats exploit class envy and profit at the cost of the American character.

And 507 - Rush's show starts at 11 a.m. - my first post today was at 9:22. So you missed something there.

And Joe the plumber was in his own neighborhood when Obama came by campaigning. Joe asked Obama a question that Obama and other Liberal Democrats didn't like, and it happened to hit the newswires. For that, Joe was crucified in the media.

Some of that intense research into Joe's background should have gone into finding out more about the President-elect.

Anonymous said...

You've got Joe the Plumber so regulated he can't afford a license. Even though he can un-stop you're toilet and you can't.

Anonymous said...

What is a spinless troll?

Anonymous said...

Is it someone that uses articulate senten structure?

Anonymous said...

I think, you know, that Caroline Kennedy would make, like, you know, a great Senator, you know, because like, you know, she can see, you know, Cape Cod from her, you know, back yard.

Anonymous said...

Wordkyle this is you ... "A troll who incites and argues for its own sake."

And Joe the plumber was a long time republican looking for a verbal joust/fight and got one. He created something he was not and the republicans were dumb enough to run with it and beat the class warfare scare card.

Glory whore and blow hard is all he turned out to be. It may have been different if he was even real.

wordkyle said...

638 - I won't defend how Joe handled his celebrity - there are too many aspiring country singers as it is.

BUT...the guy was in his own neighborhood when Obama came by. He asked a reasonable question when Obama approached him. Now we have people like you talking about him as though you know him personally. All you know about Joe the Plumber is what the media dug up -- because he made Obama look bad.

I've already cited the "top one percent" phrase and references to "the wealthy" that Democrats have beat to death the last few elections, creating and exploiting class envy. Please give specific examples of how Republicans engaged in "class warfare."

Democrats -- synonymous with Liberal now that special interest groups have seized control of the party -- promote dependence on the government, abdication of personal responsibility and the destruction of individual initiative. And that's why I nail Liberals at every opportunity.

Anonymous said...

I could nail a liberal. I'm a carpenter.

Anonymous said...

931am, 310pm, 334pm, Word responding to his own posts agin.
Hey 8:36, if you had lived in Bible times, you coulda nailed Jesus. You know, being a carpenter and all. And, if you had to pick between....where pieces of silver was involved.......well, a good Conservative knows where his interest lies.....