Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Boy, the TV stations were in full "Arctic Blast" mode this morning.
  • There has to be something to film other than a sand track on days like this.
  • If I was a school superintendent, I'd be a little nervous that everything freezes up at the exact moment everyone should be arriving for school.
  • There's someone playing blackjack and drinking at this very moment in Vegas. Heck, that might be going on in Rhome right now.
  • I've seen Jimmy Johnson on some infomercial about stock market investing. Cheezy.
  • I hate the first full week after the holidays.
  • There was a story in the Star Telegram yesterday about a couple adopting nine kids -- mostly kids who were abused or neglected. Man, that makes me feel like a slug.
  • I wish Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp would take over as head coach. That would make the Evil Empire more fun to hate.
  • I always like the Messenger's "year end wrap-up" issue.
  • Ever think about completely changing your life? Anyone have the courage to do it?
  • I'm thinking about banning the 2012 doom and gloom commenter. Either he's a nutcase that believes it, or he's trying to be funny --- which he isn't.
  • Any ad on a web page that automatically starts playing video or audio should be banned.
  • Saw the Timothy McVeigh traffic stop video the other day (really wasn't much to it.) But I had forgotten he was stopped because he didn't have a license plate on the rear of his car. All that planning and he overlooks that detail?
  • Two guys died in the crash of an old plane near Justin this weekend. I had gone through Justin about an hour before the crash. That's really not that big of coincidence, is it?
  • I think the airport is the one off of 730. I always thought it was odd that there were "low flying aircraft" warnings along that road.
  • I've never had a desire to get a pilot's license.
  • I'll admit it. I got a big bag of nothing this morning.