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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • That's Florida's Tim Tebow's girlfriend above. I think. Even if I'm wrong, she's worthy of a "Hey, now."
  • On one my football excursions three years ago, I was at the University of Florida for the very first time Tebow took the field as a freshman. The stadium exploded and had no idea why.
  • It's been ten years since The Sixth Sense and The Blair Witch Project were released.
  • I cannot take a "quick" shower. Once I'm in there, I don't want to leave. Maybe because it's so comfortable to be in the fetal position.
  • I love Pappadeaux's, but I can't remember the last time I ate there.
  • I've not had a speeding ticket since 1990 - the last time I was even stopped for speeding.
  • I'm wrong about a lot of things but I was dead on yesterday when I predicted our "probation guy on the run" story would go national.
  • I had a Star Telegram writer and a Fox 4 reporter contact me about the story.
  • The plea bargain he turned down: 2 years in the pen. Trust me, when all is said and done, he'll wish he had taken that.
  • I normally agree with the doom and gloom predictions of Pat Buchanan.
  • There's a boat show going on this weekend in Fort Worth. The bang to hype ration of a boat is completely out of whack.
  • One high brow movie that I want to see is Slumdog Millionaire.
  • Final AP and Coaches Poll here. TCU ends up #7 in both. Oddly, Mack Brown proclaimed on National TV that he would vote the Evil Empire #1 in the final poll. He didn't.
  • I still feel fat.
  • The U.S. unemployment rate rose to 7.2% this morning. Get ready. (But I also saw yesterday where Gamestop's profit rose 10% in the last quarter -- I guess people are buying video games so they don't have to go out for entertainment. Or they are unemployed and have nothing to do.)
  • I get excited when I hear the phrase, "We need to talk."
  • I'm still surprised Israel has continued the bombing of the Gaza Strip. Normally its m.o. is to strike hard for a short period of time simply to send the message, "Don't screw with us."
  • I'll admit to be stupid: Does the average Jewish person lean Republican or Democrat?
  • I've not cut my hair since July. And my goatee is back.
  • Another guy and I walked across a parking lot towards each other yesterday near the courthouse square. There was no one else around and barely any cars in the lot at all. As we got within 10 feet of each other, he looks down to avoid eye contact. I can't tell you how often that happens.
  • I'm beginning to get addicted to The Travel Channel and crack. I mean just The Travel Channel.


Anonymous said...

Average Jewish person = Democrat

Anonymous said...

Gaza strip everyone keep an eye on the Gaza strip while China gets no attention they will come over and stomp our ass!
Has anyone else been seeing the situation in China unfold due to the World wide economic situation? They have shut down there little factory's you know the ones that make all our kids toys be they tainted or not,No work for them either and most are rioting in the streets...thats right folks RIOTing where such things in that country do not I repat DO NOT HAPPEN! They own most of our Buss and Builings including the LAND! they have over 850 billion dollars in U.S. Currency and they are about to call those notes DUE!
I remeber those commenting on here about how "organized" those drummers were in the opening cerimonies of the Summer Games! To bad we arnt as organised cause we are to lazy to put the Game boy down! I cant belive No one has made any comment of the past few days regading the situation brewing in CHINA it is Un -nerving to say the least...ZKeep an eye to the East!

Anonymous said...

Samantha Brown jazzes me up big time!

Anonymous said...

BG - well, i guess you can now expect a speeding ticket this weekend. way to go.

by the way, i love me some travel channel. the world's sexiest beaches is one of the best shows

Casual Observer said...

That chick has some major league lopsidedness going on. What did Larry the Cable Guy say, "came in first and third in wet t-shirt contest?"

Anonymous said...

Could it be the reason you haven't cut your hair in so many months is that there isn't much left to cut?


Anonymous said...

Slumdog Millionaire is Absolutely Fantastic! Go see it b/c it WILL win for Best Picture. Horrifying. Funny. Poignant. Suspenseful. It's not the best movie ever, but it's the best movie of the year.

Anonymous said...

Hey Barry, when you get the chance can you expand on your occasional agreements with Pat Buchanan? Not looking for an argument friend, I'm just curious. I like the guy because he calls "BS" when he see's it, states it like it is and "takes no prisoners" and doesn't care if the person he's bashing is ultra conservative or ultra liberal. Would really like to hear your thoughts. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Wow, Barry, the press now contacts you for stories about Wise County?

That oughta bring in some law business.


HHL said...

around 75% of Jews voted for each of Obama, Kerry, and Gore.

chupacabra said...

That's at least the second time you've had her up for a "Hey Now"- not that I'm complaining

Anonymous said...

How bout you show us a picture of your hair and goatee and we'll give you some advice.

Anonymous said...

Gamestop's profits are up because they sell used games. I bet a lot of their profit was from that. I had never been in a Gamestop before this Christmas and I went in there to buy used games for my son.

Anonymous said...

8:27 I saw some of that report also.Both officials were to the point and most convincing.I think you might be on to somthing.

You may call me Your Majesty, in fact, I insist. said...

Far be it from me to deny you some excitement.

Barry, sugar, honeychile, we need to talk.

Anonymous said...

The Israelis are pushing this offensive because of lessons learned in the past- specifically their last foray into Lebanon. The hope is this one might 'stick' if they go harder and deeper and at lower cost in Israeli life and equipment.
Also they had tons of intel. on rocket and missile storage and production sites so they are taking those down along with transport tunnels- not all of which they want to take down from the air.
A lot of very killable bad guys have infilitrated the area and more time is being devoted to their needs.
Also, it was assumed the fight would expand quickly caused by neighbors who need to take the pressure of their own rotten governments and re-blame the Jews for all their areas problems.
Ha ha, he said harder and deeper. Beat you to it.

Anonymous said...

If that chick was mine I'd change my name to Peter Dunkin or somethin.

Anonymous said...

A simple football playoff is now due:
Texas vs. USC; Florida vs. Utah. Then the winners play and we actually have a "champion."

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should change it to Balls McLongcock. No, wait, that one is already taken. Maybe Al N.Sider. A possibility.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that lopsidedness issue would be a real deal breaker- not.

That was a 'not' joke, Get it?

Did you see the timing- perfect.

The End

Anonymous said...

BOOMER SOONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
way to represent the Big 12
There should be a rule that doesnt allow a team who has lost 5 straight BCS bowlgames to play in another BCS bowl for at least 5 years.

45-35 Hook-Em

Anonymous said...

What does Chokelahoma and Marihoochie have in common?????

They both get smoked in Bowls

betty boop said...

I just don't understand why you would be in the fetal position in the shower...

Anonymous said...

Never could figure it out, but yes, many Jewish people I grew up with in a large city are Democrats and vote for the very liberal candidates. At the same time, they'll back Israel emotionally and monetarily to the max and expect those very liberal candidates they voted for to do exactly the same. There is however, a faction of mostly younger generation American Jewish people who make our extreme right look like middle of the roaders, when it comes to Israel. They don't tolerate Israel or themselves being messed with in any way and are well trained to do whatever is needed to retaliate when they deem it's needed. They will tell you openly that they personally will make sure there is never another Hollucost, and they mean it!

Gorilla said...

You know what they say about boats...

If you can fly it, float it, or f*ck it, rent it.

Anonymous said...

I got a package from Bosley...I will gladly forward it to you.

Francine Fishpaw said...


Average Jewish person is a dem. Why you ask when it would appear that their interests would more closely lie with the GOP?

Truman. Without him, no Isreal. They have been loyal to dems ever since.

Anonymous said...

Bush completely ignored the Israel / Palestine/ Gaza strip for 7 years.

Then at the last minute, he sent Condi Rice over to say, "We need to talk"

Anonymous said...

Me and my old lady lived down in Palestine for 7 years and Is really sad how I ignored her Gaza strip after she got rid of her Bush.

The Prawn said...

Anon @ 1:18 - Early contender for post of the year.

Anonymous said...

You must really be single. I don't know anyone that is married or has a girl friend that is never late from waiting on them to get ready to go.

wordkyle said...

105 - You're almost right. Except for
- Bush's call for an independent Palestinian state (2002)
- American participation in the Quartet on the Middle East and the "Roadmap for Peace" (2003)
- Bush's open support of Sharon’s position that a final peace should not be based on pre-1967 borders - a departure from longtime US policy (2004)
- Bush's endorsement of Israel's unilateral disengagement plan, welcome of the Palestinian leader in Washington, and support for parts of the Palestinian position (2005)
- the setting of a timetable by the US for easing Palestinian travel and bolstering Israeli security (2007)
- the hosting of a Middle East peace conference in Annapolis (2007)

Other than that, you're right, Bush has absolutely ignored the Israelis and Palestinians.

Anonymous said...

wordy - Bush helped CREATE the current problem by insisting on democratic elections in Gaza - resulting in a win for Hamas. Simplistic Bush believes that voting solves all problems (see also Iraq and Afghanistan). Well, that's just another of Bush's misconceptions.

Anonymous said...

Jews vote as directed by the New York Times.

wordkyle said...

955 - Let's see if there's any way that Bush could have done anything right, according to Bush-hater logic.

1) He could support democratic reform and elections in the country, giving control to the citizens. That's what he did, and you criticize him for it.

2) He could have used American influence to establish a pro-American, pro-Israeli leader. He would then have been criticized for setting up a puppet government, as he has been regarding the Iraq government.

3) He could have remained completely neutral in the process, advocating for neither party, and he would have been criticized for neglecting the Israeli-Palestinian situation, as he was criticized above.

Essentially, nothing Bush does will ever be acceptable to the Bush-haters, simply because of who he is.

Starr said...

Get a Greek Salad next time you're at Pappadeaux's. We fled the metroplex for West Texas and that Greek Salad is on my short list of things I miss.

Anonymous said...

wordy finally got something right: "nothing Bush does will ever be acceptable to the Bush-haters, simply because of who he is."

Yup, Bush was so inept, surrounded by so many hacks, and so unwilling to learn, he did most everything wrong - just because that is what and who he is.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the guy in the parking lot that denied YOU eye contact...alot of guys love their wife or girlfriend. They don't want to give you the wrong idea. Your head and breasts are already inflated enough. It's not always all about YOU !