The Campaign For DA


In The Valley Of The Shadow Of . . .

. . . the Star Telegram home page as of this moment. (Even the first story resulted in a death.)


Anonymous said...

O,to be or not to be? Sometimes just takes a bad decision.

Seasons don't fear the reaper nor do the wind the sun and the rain.
We can be like they are,dont fear the reaper.Baby take my hand we'll be able to fly!

Yea,though I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death.I will fear no evil.For thou art with me!

Fake Shakespear/Blue Oyster Cult/David

Anonymous said...

Set up!Was he running for DA!

As brother bling would be sayn.Just doin some tradn!

Where are the fingerprints?

Anonymous said...

Messenger Update says wreck on 380 underpass....287 one person killed today at 1PM.

Anonymous said...

Wall street update.More dying on wall street today.We would like to dedicate two songs to the unfortinate.

When the wall comes tumble in down! By: Greed and the walls of corruption.

I fell in to a burning stack of paper! By:Broker Cash and the blank notes.