Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

- Man, horrible case involving an alleged DWI incident in Dallas at 8:20 in the morning on Sunday that killed two bicyclists. Take a look at the vehicle.
- Can home grown tomatoes be found yet? And, in all seriousness, anyone know where to get the best? Me loves me some home grown tomatoes.
- Uh, in a related item, is samonella fatal?
- You can't help but notice the new strip club in Fort Worth off I-35 as you head into downtown. (No, I have not been in it because of Lent. Wait, I may have that wrong.) Anyway, I drive by it all the time on the way to Driver's License hearings and that parking lot always looks vacant. The fact that you can see the parking lot from the freeway might have something to do with it.
- Still working on the Pat Tillman book written by his mom. She's over the top. At one point she ran out the theory that the Bush Administration might have had him killed to take the press off the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. Sheesh. That's hard core.
- I've still got HBO's Recount on my TIVO but haven't watched it. Good thing I clicked on "Save Until Ever".
- I've arrived at work before 7:00 a.m. for the last three weeks. I kind of like it.
- Astronaut Jesus on Ebay?
- The Ex-Rockwall County DA's wheels are flying off everywhere. He received his second conviction yesterday for diverting $68,000 of DA office money to his personal checking account (before transferring it back once an audit caught him.) Instead of fessing up, his defense was that he was a bad bookkeeper. His lawyer even called the DA's first ex-wife in defense who testified,"When Ray and I were married, he was not allowed to keep our books," Ms. Sumrow said. "Ray cannot balance a checkbook. It's painful for him." I think I know what I'm doing in this criminal defense business because I never try to sell crap like that. He was convicted in 30 minutes.
- Decatur painted it's "no parking zones" with a Hooker Red color over the weekend.
- Update on the new free newspaper being published by the Dallas Morning News:
"The plan is to distribute 200,000 copies in the core Dallas market to households with incomes of $75,000 or more by 6 a.m. The target demo is adults 25-49, skewing toward women." Heck, that's my target demo on a typical Saturday night.
www.ImVotingRepublican.com I'm pretty sure that will cause WordKyle's head to blow up. (Thanks, Keith.)
- And for equal time, Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones have a new web site where they are trying to make money telling their lies stories about Bill Clinton. (Click on it to see Paula trying to look all "Hey, Now".) What did James Carville say about dragging a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park?
- The Sharper Image stores are all shutting down. I always thought that place was loaded with cheap stuff that was priced so high that you thought it had to be quality.
- When cable television came to Bridgeport decades ago, the first HBO movie ever to appear on the Green family television was Smokey and The Bandit. Then Jackie Gleason dropped an S Bomb within two minutes and the channel was changed.
- Not that I've seen either but: Why is there a new Hulk movie coming out when there was one that was released in 2003?
- I've got the picture of the guy standing in front of the tank in Tiananmen square in my office. Hardly anyone knows what it is. Had a guy who looked at it recently ask me, "Do you like tanks?"
- A Defendant who had a Wise County DWI trial scheduled for next week wanted a continuance because his brother was being executed in Huntsville on the same day. Not saying it's true, just saying that was his request.
- Watched, by accident, some of the local news on Channel 8 this morning. Verdict: Painful. In addition to Forced Happy Dialogue, I also got beaten down by back to back stories on How Eating Meat Increases Your Carbon Footprint and You Need A Wellness Coach.
- And that crazy News 8 traffic animation - where the cars look like they are 50 feet long - is just plain silly.
- Couldn't find a link, but the Dallas Police Department will start testing its officers for steroids. (Uh, steroids?). Does this mean DPD doesn't trust a Dallas police officer to be honest when he simply says he's not using steroids?
- Edit for Baylor fans only: There's hope.