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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

- The NFL Network had the Top Ten One Hit Wonders (replayed) over the weekend. There were three Cowboys listed: Percy Howard, Clint Longley, and Larry Brown. I really didn't know anything about Howard.
- Cool program I found on the very odd "101 Channel" on DirecTV: Odyssey, Driving Around The World.
- Well, the wind has stopped blowing. Now we're suffocating in the heat.
- I think I saw a "historic" fence mangled on the courthouse lawn this morning - but I didn't get a good look.
- There's a handful of lawyers in Texas that do the Blog Thing for marketing reasons. One lawyer, I learned, has someone write his blog for him. You will not believe the author's bio.
- Saw a story over the weekend about a shortage of DPS Troopers. Starting salary for a DPS recruit.$34,965 Trooper salary after one year. $45,099. That's a heck of a one year raise.
- "A supposed 'pregnancy pact' that drew worldwide attention to eight teenage girls at a Massachusetts high school may be fiction, the city's school board chairman says." I thought that sounded suspicious.
- The Wise County blogger R and R (link over there===>) had an episode of Cops break out in her neighborhood this weekend.
- For years I had never paid attention to Reno 911. Now I can't get enough of it.
- The price of residential real estate in Wise County is ridiculously higher than it is in Tarrant County.
- I went to a legal seminar as a young insurance defense lawyer over a period of weeknight classes held at the Southwestern Medical Center. A doctor, who taught the class on injuries, would actually dissect a human body for us that had been "donated to science." I always wondered if the deceased had that seminar in mind when he decided to donate his body.
- There's nothing more frustrating than jacking around with a weedeater spool.
- I had forgotten how funny Arrested Development was.
- I've got a plea this morning where my client is going from a free-person-out-on bond to a person doing a prison sentence. I hate those pleas.
- Pure stupidity: Operating a motorcycle while drunk and while having a passenger on the back who is not wearing a helmet.
- I havent' been paying too much attention, but apparanlty Hulk Hogan has been saying some controversial things about the treatment of his son who is in jail for the car wreck that seriously injured John Graziano. In response, Graziano''s family released a video of the young man in the hospital. It's so shocking I won't even link to it - but you can find it pretty easily.
- Just the other day I was writing about how George Carlin wasn't funny. His death yesterday has all the radio stations replaying some of his "classic bits." Still not funny.
- Crazy argument of The Ticket this morning - - What's the best thing to go on or in a biscuit: Gravy? Honey? Butter? Jelly? Sausage?
- Still get the occasional complaint of The Blog being slow to load. I really don't get it. It even loads on my cell phone fairly quickly.
- Officials are considering closing the Lubbock courthouse on Friday and going on a four day/10 hour work week.