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From My Email Bag

[Email deleted] Edit: OK, my sweet emailer couldn't take the verbal attack you boys were dishing out and asked me to take it down. So I did. See what a nice guy I am? But, basically, it was a story of a car being broken into last night at Dollar General in Bridgeport. (Side note: One of my ex-wives would occasionally shop at a dollar store over my strenuous objections. My bit was to always find something she bought that cost over a dollar and express shock that the store carried a product that cost more than that. Then she'd reply, "It's the dollar store, not a dollar store. Idiot." Good times.) Anyway, a purse was stolen out of the car and the liberal weenies came over to Decatur and bought a bunch of gas and used the stolen debit card. So the emailer was trying to be sweet and warn everyone to be careful. But you guys turned on her. I've raised you better than that. And I don't know what she looks like. I just assumed she was a "hey, now." That's why I posted it. The End.