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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

- A list of "new classics" from movies, TV and other stuff. I do love lists. (And if you take a look at it, raise your hand if you've heard of the movie "Crumb".)
- Two people were found shot to death this morning in a car in Dallas. Is it just me, or is violent crime ramping up to a late 1980s to early 1990s like rate?
-Tim was back on Fox 4 News this morning. Good times.
- I think I'm seeing more motorcycles on the road than ever before. I suppose gas prices explain it. Edit: According to The Update, Kevin Burns is was one of those motorcycle riders.
- Don Imus is at it again as he asks about the color of Pacman Adam Jones. But flying under the radar is a shocking rap by Shaq as he throws Kobe Bryant under the bus.
- If you've got a couple of minutes, a huge question mark will form over your head once "Ina" begins talking. For me, it was totally worth it.
- I'm listening to the audio book of "What Really Happened" read by the author, Scott McClellan. He seems like he struggles to read sometime which "ain't good" for an audio book. And, after three chapters, I really haven't learned anything.
- James Dobson is dogging Obama. Dobson used to be much more likable before he tried to turn into Jerry Falwell.
- Official county salaries for FY 2008 as posted on the county's web site. (pdf file).
- The Supreme Court is attention seeking just like the rest of us. Why else would they wait until the very end of its term to release the Second Amendment opinion? That's no coincidence.
- And the court's decision yesterday that the Right To Counsel "attaches" once a person is taken before a magistrate to have his bond set after an arrest is about as insignificant as they come. I'm at a loss to determine its practical implications.
- There's a little dachshund that runs around S. Trinity near College Street in Decatur. It's going to get run over.
- I don't understand the guy that posts the end of the world will occur in 2012 (or whatever that date is --- I can't believe I can't remember when it is.)
- Baseball stat that got my attention: Until last weekend, back up Texas Ranger catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia had allowed 23 consecutive base runners to steal against him.
- For those of you that read People magazine, did you find the pictures of Mario Lopez a bit shocking last week?
- Anybody that posts with the sign off of "Double Fake [insert name]" makes me laugh.
- The two nutcases from the Garland murder (video below) were also interviewed by Rebecca Lopez with Channel 8. Those boys wouldn't shut up.
- And high profile "black on white" crime like the Garland murders sets race relations back ten years in the court of public opinion.
- "Police are investigating why someone shot at the office window of a lawyer running for the Legislature. [Fort Worth] Lawyer Kalandra Wheeler, 29, was not in her office at the Mimi Coffey Law Firm on Thursday night when a shotgun was fired at the window directly behind her desk, according to a police report." I think I've seen Ms. Wheeler at a driver's license hearing.
- Mimi Coffey is a DWI lawyer in Fort Worth. A google search revealed she was honored as "The Most Changed" - presumably from high school.
- I'm serious: I'm not sure the United States will survive another 200 years.
- Amazingly, there was a Big 12 Bass Fishing Tournament last week. (You've gotta be kidding.) Only seven teams participated (Baylor and A&M did not. The Evil Empire did. OU won it.)
- Mother of the Year?