Random Thoughts While Temporarily Connected to The Internets

  • I'm not saying I'm dying because Embarq went out on me, but I'm dying.
  • I told the Star Telegram about the Dr. Grotti case yesterday, and they printed it today. (I bet my 6th ex-wife on that so I guess I get to keep her. Wait.)
  • If you get Confused Head reading Supreme Court opinions, don't worry about it. 95% of the lawyers out there don't understand them (me included most of the time.)
  • That "well regulated militia" language sure did cause a lot of controversy.
  • Saw where they were going to charge the guy that blew through the red light and killed a family of five last Saturday in Plano with manslaughter. (Reckless killing.) It was an accident. A horrible one, but an accident. (And didn't the Tarrant County grand jury this week no bill the kid that killed the Chico family for running a red light?)
  • Video of the day: If you want to see a kid learn to ride a motorcycle and see the most prophetic words ever spoken ("Don't get cocky"), you've got to see this. (Thanks emailer James.)
  • Shout out to Jamie Stone over at Adult Probation who delivered to me a ton of home grown tomatoes. And they are great. (He also dropped off some jalapeƱos but I’m not sure how to cook them.)
  • As big of a star as Madonna is, she could have been even bigger if she had been a tad bit “fan friendly.”
  • I’ve been hearing some nightmare stories about electric bills. I haven’t got my first big one yet.
  • Even though the President has no direct impact on gas prices, the public wants something to be done. And that may be the biggest factor in the November election.
  • I got an AARP letter in the mail the other day with my name on a proposed membership card. I was in a fetal position after that for hours. And that junk mail, by the way, was a mistake. I promise.
  • I get at least five credit card applications in the mail each week. And I feel compelled to tear them up into many pieces before I throw them in the trash.
  • I did some negotiating on a plea bargain via text messaging the other day. That was a first for me.
  • “Baby Mama” is a funny name.
  • Toddlers always seem to like me. Babies don’t.
  • Being a traffic reporter assigned to a helicopter would be a good gig.
  • I can remember my fifth birthday but none before that. We had a treasure hunt in my backyard and my next door neighbor grabbed a shovel and said, “Let’s start digging!” even though there was a box right in front of him with a big “X” on it.
  • I’m five chapters into that Scott McClellan book. I’m extremely disappointed.
  • Replaced a tire, had tires balanced and rotated and my front end aligned yesterday. I hate spending money on stuff that simply places me back in the position I used to be.
  • Does anybody know what that building is that is going up behind The Home Depot at Basswood and I-35 in Fort Worth? It looks like a church. (And Home Depot needs to drop the formal “The” in front of its name.)
  • It looks like every cell phone will have GPS tracking within five years. Teenagers will have to get creative if they want to go somewhere there not supposed to. And the would-be wayward spouse will find his life much more complicated.
  • Understanding that 99% you haven’t watched it, but I saw a scene in the fourth episode of The Wire last night which might have been the greatest television moment ever. And I’m serious.
  • And while waiting on my car, I saw a young mother slap her child’s leg (maybe two or three year’s old) as a discipline measure. It dawned on me I don’t see that as much as I used to and I was kind of bothered by it.
  • I still think about the young black guy that went on the hate filled profanity laced rant after he was arrested for killing the guys in Garland. I Did you know he was 19? If he were 12 we would blame his childhood. Maybe even at 14 or 15. But somehow when a person gets into his late teens he is completely to blame for his actions in our eyes.
  • Ok, away from the Internet. I'm dying here.
Edit: I think I have posted that girl before. Freaky. Edit #2: Getting a couple of posts about John Trice submitting a resignation letter. As with all comments posted on this crazy thing, you should never assume anything is true until confirmed. Edit #3: Uh, edit #2 has been confirmed. You heard it hear first.