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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

- Finally saw an episode of Black Gold (the series about drilling oil rigs in East Texas) last night. It was outstanding. I'm surprised more people aren't killed on those rigs - especially with that huge chain that goes around every pipe piece.
- A contested divorce, complete with hearings before a judge, is never a good thing for either side. I saw one a couple of days ago in district court in Wise County and wondered if they'd ever be able to put it behind them.
- Lots of people have been sending me the video of the "ball girl" making an amazing catch at a baseball game. It looked fake. It was.
- To the guy that cut and pasted Encyclopedia Britannica in his comments that I didn't post: Puhleeze, sir.
- Lari Barager looked pretty good last night reporting from Wise County.
- The Star Telegram has the duct tape story here but there's not any new information. (Pet Peeve of mine: No one is ever arrested on a charge of "suspicion of [insert crime]". It takes more than suspicion to make an arrest.)
- Crazy defense tactic: Accuse the DA of sleeping with two TV station reporters.
- One more duct tape note: Fox 4 said the incident was near Cottondale. WBAP called it near Paradise and even teased the story with "Paradise Lost."
- Highlight reel of news bloopers we've seen over the last couple of years.
- Religion, race, and homosexuality sure does stir you guys up. I'll keep going back to that well.
- Some folks in Alvord are still bent out of shape over the Tennis Coach Demotion story.
- Hot girls from that big soccer tournament going on somewhere.
- Had a guy driving towards me going the wrong way on Basswood in Fort Worth yesterday. We stopped in traffic facing each other. That was a tad bit unnerving.
- The college world series comes down to one final game tonight on ESPN.
- Gratuitous "hey, now" of some Dancing With The Stars lady in a bikini this weekend.
- That silly John Cornyn commercial (I posted a link a couple of days ago) even made the Jon Stewart show last night.
- Neat legal stuff: Some guys smarter than I (or is it "me"?) utilize a "live blog" that doesn't require refreshing to cover the Supreme Court as it releases its opinions. Coverage starts at 9:00 a.m. here. Supposed to be a big day.
- D Magazine interns: Then and Now.
- Since I've been getting to work early for the last month, I no longer get to watch the beginning of The Today Show. I TIVO'd it yesterday for the heck of it and discovered something I should have noticed: The show doesn't have a single commercial interruption for the first 22 minutes.
- I don't like traffic circles. And I only know of two of them: Waco and Fort Worth. There used to be one in Weatherford but I think they've pretty much changed that.
- I can't remember the last time I bought a lottery ticket. I used to do a $1 quick pick about twice a month. I don't think I ever won.
- The Huddle House is now open in Decatur. That place may explode due to its high concentration of fat grams (menu here.) I remember when Taco Bell opened and there was a line of about 15 cars deep in the drive through. Arby's was about the same. The Huddle House? Not so much.