Oh, My

Just when I think I'm pretty jaded, I got shocked again. Fox 4 broadcast the jailhouse interview (note: proof he's an idiot) of a guy who admitted to killing the two men outside of the Christian recording studio in Garland last week. It was full of bleeps and you had to listen carefully to his words to understand him. But when I went to check it out on the Fox 4 web site, I found the video unedited and uncensored in all it's shocking glory. And you will not believe his message to the victim's family near the end. I can't tell you how shocking that whole video is.

News flash: All the rich white folk hang out in Garland.

Fine work of Shaun Rabb. Fox . . . . . 4 . . . . . . . . . . . . News. But he's going to catch a load of crap for saying he "I understand what your saying."