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I Hate . . .

. . . when things happen I don't understand. Especially magic. I'm pretty sure that magic has something to do with the Devil. Like a Ouija Board (that my dear mother banned me from playing as a child.)

Anyway ( stay with me here), last night I'm watching Lou Holtz on ESPN do one of his weekly "pep talks" to a random team he picks. The speeches are silly and uninspiring. But the guy is so crazy, that I can't take my eyes off of him.

At the end of the speech Lou pulled out a newspaper, tore it up, and then .......... see it for yourself.

(Sidenote - He did have this funny line: "Happiness is nothing more than having a poor memory. If you can't remember what happened yesterday, you feel pretty good today.")


Anonymous said...

It's too bad we can't make Lou disappear. He makes me insane.

HINT: He starts with 2 identical papers.

Double Fake Harry Houdini

Anonymous said...

He has a monkey inside his coat that hands him the good paper and takes the torn up one.

When the monkey screws up he spanks it.

The Devil said...

Magic has nothing to do with the Devil.

To any of the gambling sheep out there who might want to sell their soul, I can give you the scores to this weekends college matchups...for a nominal price.

Think Frustrated said...

If the camera would pull back, you'd see all the torn up paper on the floor. He just had another copy of those few pages folded up so they wouldn't tear. I learned that one in the 6th grade.

Anonymous said...

From his happiness quote, that senile old fart must be a very happy man.

Anonymous said...

Think again.....Think.

Anonymous said...

1.I never heard of him.
2.I bet he did a trick none of you could ever pull off on National TV.
3.I found it totally hilarious.
4.I'm a girl - apparently that explains #1.
5.Now that you busted the trick, your penance is to do us some haiku about it, think, and post it here.

Think Frustrated said...

Oh, and in response to The Devil, you're right. Jesus is magic.

House of R & R said...

That eye freaks me out. Is that really your eye, Think Frustrated?

Crud Bonemeal said...

I've watched Lou since he was the coach at Arkansas, and I love the guy. I hope I have that much energy and personality when I'm his age. He reminds me of my grandfather, and I had the greatest grandfather ever. He was extremely intelligent and entertaining.