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Was in Jacksboro all morning. But a faithful reader emailed me the story of yet another motorcycle death last night.


House of R & R said... it's time for the State to require all motorcycle riders to wear suits of armor.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to another comment by the person who commented last time about how other drivers shouldn't worry about the motorcycle idiots. In all seriousness, I think it should be legal to run them off the road in self defense. Think this idiot cared how many kids might have been in the back of a vehicle he rolls? Or a vehicle that he comes in front of so suddenly that the vehicle breaks to avoid him and loses control while he merrily went on his way?

The Devil said...

I love those fatalities....keep em' coming!

Anonymous said...

Damn, Devil!! Aren't the Marines keeping you busy enough with all of those filthy raghead terrorists they're killing in Iraq and Afghanistan??

Anonymous said...

alcohol? drugs? helmet? leather?
Not much pertinent info there.
12;48....... sure bro, you get to just kill somebody whose vehicle or lifestyle you don't like. Never mind that drivers of all vehicles do stupid things from time to time.
Just focus on the motorcyclists, who are statistically the smallest of the vehicular threats to you. You, sir are a narrow minded individual for whom hate is the drug of choice. Some choose alcohol, others mj, some coffee, maybe sex for others or just food for many. For me it's adrenaline. Why did you choose hate? Does it taste good? Get you off? What's the point? Try doing a little math homework and fixate on something that's a real danger to you.
Highway deaths in the U.S. are at about 42,000 yearly. Assuming demon ninja riders aren't causing all of them, nor drunk Harley types, then your fellow SUV idiots are probably the real enemy. Oh, but that might require directing your hate at the jackass in the mirror. You aren't man enough for that.
Listen up though Billy Bob- if you try to run me off the road because of my vehicle----------

1)you will not succeed; you can't because I already know this about you and am prepared to deal with that eventuality
2) that would be attempted murder and I am not going to let that pass without a robust defense.

Anonymous said...

I heard on 1080AM today, during their Flip Off, a guy ranting about a motorcycle man who passed him doing at least 75 mph with a little kid on back. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Too bad he was 38 years old. He probably procreated and passed on his "stupid genes", before he checked himself out of the gene pool. Too late to prevent damage to the human race.