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I'd heard and written about this before but saw the newest info over at
America's first year-round outdoor ski and snowboard park is scheduled to open in the fall of 2009. The project is located within close proximity to the Dallas and Fort Worth area within easy access to the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, between the Alliance Airport and Texas Motor Speedway.
More here and a promotional video on youtube here.


Anonymous said...

The only things missing will be mountains, cold air, snow and ice. Other than that, it will be the perfect winter resort. I think next door they should build a Pacific Island getaway.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bet they're going to have a hard time keeping snow frozen in August.

Anonymous said...

The only thing, although I am trying to think positively, is....... will just end up like all those other places. It won't be built exactly as described in the investor or marketing brochures, or as depicted on their website, then it will begin to fall apart because it was a sucky idea and the building really looked bad and was unsafe, and it will eventually catch on fire.

You know, kind of like that "Temple for the Age of Enlightenment" thing that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi attempted to do in Forestburg. Damn, that was supposed to be a splendid place. I saw it being built, and I also got to watch it burn down.

But then, as Barry has shown, it might end up like the Gaylord Hotel thing north of the airport. Anybody remember when it was a Dude Ranch?

Like I said, I'm trying to think positively, but it's so outrageous.

It's even more outrageous than a meditation temple in Forestburg. Shiate - these people are claiming to be able to bring ice and snow to Texas in summer, all the other people were wanting to do was levitate or something.

Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun!! Hope the price is low enough for family fun.

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Anonymous said...

According to the press release the place will use something called "snowflex" technology.

A little about that here:

and here

It's not actual snow, not even man-made snow.

Anonymous said...

But have they proven it does not cause cancer or respiratory illness, 4:27PM? Like, when the whole conglomeration fails, and the thing does catch on fire and burns, and the blowing winds send those little particles i.e., monofilaments, north or south or east or west, is there going to be a health hazard? I don't see any environmental links on any of the places you referenced.

I'd REALLY like to know what exactly is in that impregnated carrier layer - perhaps some burned-up Wise County skanks?

saw_em_off_ags said...

According to the American Chemical Society, artificial snow that can be used in environments as warm as ours, is composed of silver iodide, soaps and detergents, and fungi or lichens.

very interesting, i think

Anonymous said...

I heard that it was another Rev. Jim Bakker prayer partner project!

Annie Jokely said...

If I gave a damn about snow, I'd live up in yankee-ville.