The Campaign For DA


Dallas County Sheriff's Office . . .

. . . is dumb as a box of rocks.

From Fox 4 News tonight: "[The DCSO] has a new way to motivate patrol officers: gift cards . . . . Five $50 gift cards will be given out to the officer that makes the most DWI arrests . . . . "

Sheesh. The winner gets $50 based upon arrests, not convictions. So what does he care if his cases eventually get dismissed or thrown out, he has an incentive to make an arrest.

Fast forward to a year later. It's a weak case. A trial is going on. The jury wants to rely upon the officer's judgment when he decided to arrest the defendant after the field sobriety tests. The guy looked OK on tape but the officer had to have seen something to make the arrest, right? Or was it the motivation for $50? Even good officers are going to take a beating.