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Obviously, It'll Be Quiet Around Here For The Next Couple Of Days

I'll run the 8 mile Turkey Trot in Dallas tomorrow morning (man, if the wind doesn't blow, the cold weather will make it great), and then spend the rest of the day with my family in Bridgeport.

I wrote this about Thanksgiving a couple of years ago. It was a crowd pleaser. And it still applies.


mudwatcher said...

Good luck at the Turkey Trot, Barron. Hope to see you at the White Rock Half in December.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing and awesome how traditions just carry on and some just change at the drop of a hat. Since I was born,(I am now only 30) I have always been with my mom on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Last year before Thanksgiving my mom passed away suddenly. I was so lost, I was not sure what to or where to go. We had plenty of people invite us to their homes, but it just wasn't the same. My mom always cooked the turkey and all the fixins. I had no clue on how to do any of it. This year, I have learned a few things and I guess I said all of that to say this: First of all, treasure your families every year, because you never know when it will be the last time you sit across from them at such a wonderful time of year. Second, get the recipes before it is too late. Lastly, just be thankful you have the family you have, some don't. This year it is still hard knowing that my mom will not be here, but as my son and I sit down at the table and tell what we are thankful for, the first thing both of us will say is for the memories of Granny!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, my heart goes out to you and your brother and little sis. I loved your mom also, she was a hoot!!

Kat said...

Amen, Jenny!

Your sweet mother still has some recipes I am craving!!

We still miss her!

Over the last year, I have admired your strength. You did a ton for that woman and I know how much she appreciated it! I know how much she loved you and Brett.

The one thing I will NEVER forget about Granny is that laughter! It was contagious. She was a great woman and I'm thankful for every minute she took me and the girls into her home. I miss her cooking and loved how bossy she was. I'm still waiting for her to hollar at me!

But most of all, I know how proud she would continue to be of you and Brett.

Love ya Jen!!