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As We Walk Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of 12 Straight Conference Loses

As I suffer through another Baylor football season, I note that the school fired its head coach, Guy Morriss, today.

But that's really just an excuse to post this picture. Kinda harsh. (Source.)

Edit (just for fun):


Anonymous said...

It shouldn't take more than five years for you to be able to post an almost identical sign with whoever they hire next name on it. Baylor will never be competitive in Big 12 football.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 7:55. Baylor is simply out of its league in the Big 12. Go play SMU, Rice or Prairie View or the like. Let the kids compete with near equals and quit pretending they're top tier capable.

froggy said...

Finally! Everyone is admitting that it should be TCU in the Big 12 instead of Baylor! I think all of the Bear faithful owe the late Ann Richards a big fat "thank you" for allowing thier school to endure athletic embarassment after athletic embarassment at the hands of superior programs. Afer all, we know it was only through her political backscratching that Baylor was "promoted" to the Big 12 in the first place. I'm too lazy to look up the stats, but it's a pretty safe bet that TCU has a better record against Big 12 teams than Baylor does since the breakup of the Southwest Conference.