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Another 8 mile Turkey Trot in the books. Cold and a little windy, but the sun made it almost perfect conditions. I finished at 1:06:03 (about four minutes faster than last year - I credit Nutrisystem.) But I sure didn't like the pain in my non-surgically repaired Achilles Tendon.

Assistant County Attorney Thomas Aaberg showed up and finished somewhere during the 55 minute mark. That's a blistering pace.

But as I was checking in, I laughed when I saw the name of "Barron Green" next to mine (blurry cell phone pic). I don't know who that guy is, but he always runs these races and, for the next year, some fine commenter(s) will refer to me as "Barron."

Edit: Thomas finished 266th out of 4152 runners and 33 out of 332 in his age group. I clocked in at 1095 out of 4152 and 99 out of 284 in my (very old) age group.

And my unknown nemesis, Barron Green, finished 1371 with a time of 1:08:26. Scoreboard, Barron! Scoreboard. (Although he is two years older than me.)


Pseudonym said...

Well done Barry! A pace of 8:15 per mile is pretty good in my books. My best pace at that distance is 8:35. But with wonky achilles and cartlidge problems in my knee, I may be looking for a new recreational activity.

Anonymous said...

Hey Barry, when you get a chance, can you delete that post about the Baptist's Best Wedding Dance Ever crap? I'm really tired of Firefox asking me to download the missing plug-in, which it can't find, and I'm also tired of Internet Explorer just showing a red X. Just goes to show you that the Baptists don't know everything. Shiate, they don't even know what's funny. Otherwise, I'll just wait till it gets off the first page.....and then hope it still doesn't irritate me and my computer.

OK? Thanks! Bye.

Love, Anonynothing Whatever

Anonymous said...

Have you called Jenny Craig Yet?
Did you know that you can have Jenny Craig delivered to your home?
It taste way better than the others.....and have you seen Valerie Bertinellie lately? Not that you need to lose wt. But if you want to try and increase your running score next year.

Anonymous said...

Please pick one...Red Barron...The Barron of Bridgeport...Barron's Bro...

Anonymous said...

Long live Barron!

Collectionsite said...

Good Job Barron Von Barry ...

The rest of us "Couch Potatoes" couldn't run to the fridge with out stopping for a rest.

I never could figure out that whole running thing? Why run when I have a perfectly good gas guzzling SUV?

Happy Holidays Everyone !!!

Anonymous said...

If you were a little taller you could run faster.