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Made Me Laugh

Ok, this won't do it justice, but Fox 4 had a story last night about some kindergarten kid who was sent home because he had a haircut of the star of the Dallas Cowboys. His very redneck dad appeared on camera and said, "He has the right to individuality and to present himself."

For the three people out there that saw Wild At Heart with Nicholas Cage, you instantly remember Cage's character named Sailor having said, "Did I ever tell ya that this here jacket represents a symbol of my individuality, and my belief in personal freedom?


Anonymous said...

So I guess it's OK to go to school with a rectangle-shaped hairstyle, or a bowl-shaped hairstyle, horse manes for hair styles, but not a star-shaped hairstyle. Schools should issue pictures of permitted hair shapes. Maybe schools should forbid football players from dyeing their hair white and stuff.

Anonymous said...

some school officials arent satisfied with fleecing the taxpayers, they will also do anything to get on the news.

God help us

captain conformity said...

Why do parents want to trick up their kids? Is it to prove a point? What message or thought are they trying to convey to the kid when they enable/encourage this stuff? (Come on Johnny, I know it's against the rules, but they may not kick you out and your buddies are gonna be ROFLTAO.)

It's a little like listening to the whining parents that complain to the school board that their "child" (age 6) decided he wanted to grow a rat-tail. I see that as the parents trying to rebell and see how much they can get away with...vicariously through their kid.

Anonymous said...

I have underware just like that coat.

Crud Bonemeal said...

That star shape in his hair is probably the most intelligent statement that he has made in his entire lifetime. It's too bad he can't make a statement about something worthwhile. I hope he can get educated and act like a decent person so people will respect him.