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Scott Cooper: The Man. The Legend.

The Denton Record Chronicle has an article on former Decatur resident Scott Cooper who is now apparently chasing Nazis for DPS. (Disclaimer: Scott's a friend of mine although I haven't talk to him in a while. He was an investigator with the Wise County Sheriff's Office when I was DA.) Source: Found through


Anonymous said...

I'm proud of my son and feel it was money well spent on his education and I would jump at the chance to do it all again.


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betty boop said...

I always loved saying "Trooper Cooper"! Scott's a great guy and has a very sweet wife...I wish all of life's best for them and their family.

Anonymous said...

Dude is not 33....I am 36 and he was a class ahead of me.

Anonymous said...

He's 38.

Anonymous said...

Hey D.B.!!! Is this really you?? Man, I havn't seen you since the early 70's!! Did you move back to Provo?? I still just can't believe how you stuck your neck out for that boy, that was quiet a leap of faith,..... not too many parents, well not any that I know of would go to the extreme that you did, but at least you spent it well instead of just throwing it into the wind. Did you ever tell Scott about the hoops you had to jump thru, the doors you had to open, the high flying you had to do just to get him thru college?? He should really appreciate it!! Maybe he will go down in history someday, God knows you did your best, it's not like falling off a log!! At least I know you are OK, my friend!!!! Try not to stay hid out so long next time! Take Care my friend. J. Edgar

Anonymous said...

Well J.Edgar, you old blow hard!

Good God it's been a long time. Well let's see. Me, I been just hangin around up here in the woods somehwere around Seattle and ain't much shakin except the leaves on the trees.

A lot of people said I was stickin my neck out on my boy Scott but I knew he had potential so I hit the ground runnin after I fell into a bunch of money on some big banking deals.

Fallin of a J.Edgar,you never lost your since of humor after all these years and yes,I've jumped a through a lot of hoops to get where I am today.

BTW I was watchin the History channel on the ole Satellite and I couldn't believe my ears. They talked about you was Gay.

I always said you was an old blow hard but I had no idea you was a sucker so to speak.

Ya know Scott and me always joked about your last name sayin you sucked and all but we never thought....

Well that's about it for now so drop in on me when you have some time.


Anonymous said...

ROFL!!! D B, got to admit, you be one slippery fish ,so to speak. I done figgerd you'd grown gills by now being at the bottom of that lake so long!! That part bout me being gay, well that was just a ploy. I WANTED that rumor out there. I don't know if you remember or not but back in the'80's, I planted some of my agents there in Wise co. Tx. to get some of them damn faggots off the streets.A lot of you folks thought they were sheriff's deputies, but they really were MY FBI boys, stirred up quite a stink(so to speak) there in them Wise co. pickle parks. Btw, there was a story on Discovery channel tonite about you to. Kind of ironic don't you think? I'm sure you've heard by now that $6000 of that $200,000 was found back in 80's. What I don't understand D.B. is that I know you threw that cash around that lake to throw us off your trail, but damn boy, of all those bundles of money that you had to throw away, you got rid of the only REAL money that was in that bag!!! LOL!!! The other $194,000 was real also(just so we could track them serial numbers) BUUUUUuuuuttt,,,,,, they were only printed on the front side!! Didn't anyone ever tell you to....ALWAYS,,,ALWAYS...LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP!!!! Just because my last name is "Hoover" doesn't mean I'm gay!! Now, "D. B., you might as well just "suck it up" and go get get a REAL JOB!!Btw, if you're ever "over" or around the D.C. area, drop in and burn one of my "Columbian Cigars", you just thought you was high when you jumped out of that plane!!! Take care my friend!!! J. Edgar