You Have The Right To Have A Lawyer Appointed For You . . .

Like most other lawyers in the county, I get notice that I've been court appointed on a felony case via fax. I'm not a big fan of those faxes.

I got one a second ago that read "Aggravated Robbery." The defendant is currently in the hoosegow.

You really don't see many Aggravated Robbery cases in Wise County, and I'm not sure if I remember reading about one in the paper. But it might not be a big deal after all. A guy could flash a dull pocket knife at another guy and then steal his beer and that's called Aggravated Robbery.

At least I hope it's not a big deal.

Edit: Fortunately, I have a conflict of interest in a different case so I know I won't be appointed to the guy that just made "Breaking News" on the Update.

Edit #2: Have had a couple of requests to explain the "court appointed lawyer" system. Fair deal. I will. But not now. Tired Head.