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You Have The Right To Have A Lawyer Appointed For You . . .

Like most other lawyers in the county, I get notice that I've been court appointed on a felony case via fax. I'm not a big fan of those faxes.

I got one a second ago that read "Aggravated Robbery." The defendant is currently in the hoosegow.

You really don't see many Aggravated Robbery cases in Wise County, and I'm not sure if I remember reading about one in the paper. But it might not be a big deal after all. A guy could flash a dull pocket knife at another guy and then steal his beer and that's called Aggravated Robbery.

At least I hope it's not a big deal.

Edit: Fortunately, I have a conflict of interest in a different case so I know I won't be appointed to the guy that just made "Breaking News" on the Update.

Edit #2: Have had a couple of requests to explain the "court appointed lawyer" system. Fair deal. I will. But not now. Tired Head.


Anonymous said...

Not all who post on this blog are lawyers.......some of us are just ordinary folks - kinda like those who serve on juries. how does the "court appointed lawyer" thing work?

Anonymous said...


just hang around the court house with their hand out looking for that county money....and then not doing much after that

Crud Bonemeal said...

He could have chosen to put his dull knife in his pocket and not use it to try to steal anything from anybody. Then he wouldn't have to pick the taxpayers' pockets to pay for his lawyer.

TXsharon said...

Ditto on explaining the "court appointed lawyer thing."

Anonymous said...

Is the guy in your picture neeked or something ?

Anonymous said...

Why did it take them so long to arrest that guy? Wish you would get appointed to him so he will go down.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the court appointed lawyer stuff pretty simple?
People who are arrested and do not have their own attorney are allowed to have a court appointed attorney and isn’t there a list of attorneys who handle these "court appointed" situations? Doesn’t the court pick an attorney off the list for these people?

Anonymous said...

No, 3:24 he's flashing us his under panties.

Ohhhh Barry, you'll explain the whole court appointed attorney stuff but not the fantasy football stuff?

Anonymous said...

Not to be too nosy but what does it pay for a typical court appointed dwi trial? Is it half or the same. Example, typically you charge $1000 for a dwi defense, is it $500 for court appointment. Just wondering if there was a price difference.

TXsharon said...


Are all attorneys required to take court appointed cases and are they assigned on a rotation basis?

Is the attorney's specialty factored into selecting a particular attorney for a particular case? (It doesn't seem that a personal injury attorney would be appropriate for a murder trial. Does that happen?)

When you are appointed to a case, do you receive compensation? If so, is it adequate to cover your expenses?

When you are appointed to a case, is it more difficult to feel passion about winning that case?

Do you resent these appointments?

Is there a better way?

To crud bonemeal: Innocent until proven guilty. Remember that. You might need it sometime.