Random SMU/Tech Thoughts

- I really like that stadium. It's small, but that sure makes every seat in the house a good seat. Thumbs up. But the skyboxes-to-seat ratio is out of whack.
- There were probably more Tech fans than SMU fans, but it was difficult to tell since both wore red.
- Amazingly, this wasn't even close to a sell out. Both SMU and Tech should be ashamed.
- SMU has a great pre-game scene going. Over the last 15 years, "tailgating" has gone from a 2 hour affair to an all day affair. SMU lets everyone set up tents along the "Boulevard" that run right through campus. It's a great scene. (Couple of pics above.)
- The SMU bands first song was Gwen Stefani's "Rich Girl." SMU is uppity.
- Uh, I forgot to mention parking is a mess. I did what the SMU web site told me to do: Park across Central near Mockingbird Station. There was a shuttle, but I'm a walking guy. That was quite the walk.
- Tech fans had an entire parking lot near Mockingbird Station reserved for their own tailgate party. It was full of happy Tech fans.
- End zone seats were priced oddly at $47.
- SMU has a tight end named "Vincent Chase." That's funny if you are an Entourage fan.
- I didn't notice, but there may have been a lot of hot women at the stadium.
- If you'll look closely at one of the pics above, you'll see SMU players taunting Tech players as they enter the stadium. Not-a-good idea.
- A very disturbing fashion trend: I bet over half of the SMU girls wore a white dress that is hard to describe. It's stretchy around the buxom and then is straight and "full" to about three inches above the knee. I'll swear, every girl could be eight months pregnant and you'd never know it in these dresses. This trend must be stopped.
- Tech coach Mike Leach (above) has some crazy hair. And is he drinking coffee before the game?
- I saw The Ticket broadcasting with Bob Sturm at the helm. (The original source of the phrase, "Hey, now!")
- That's smiling Tech quarterback Graham Harrell above. And that's before the game.
- The line was 7. Tech won by almost 40. Either Tech is really good or SMU is really bad. Or both may be true.