I'm Taking A Stand For Women's Rights

This poor woman, who just happens to be a Hooter's waitress, was about to take off on a Southwest airline's flight wearing that outfit. Then a male (!!!) flight attendant had her exit the plane because of her outfit. Yep, too "lewd, obscene or patently offensive." She eventually was allowed to reboard but only after a bit of a fight.

First of all, that ain't provocative. Heck, my ex-wife #6 used to wear less than that to the early morning services on Sunday.

And I've always cocked an eyebrow, so to speak, whenever I see a male flight attendant. But this guy deserves to be banned from all future flights. It's hard enough to end up sitting next to a hot girl when you fly, and it's a miracle if that happens and she is scantily clad. Some guy hit the motherlode when this babe plopped down beside him, and then the flight attendant tried to ruin what was probably the greatest moment of his life.

Finally, I love her mom's remark: "“My daughter is young, tall, blond and beautiful and she is both envied and complimented on her appearance. She dresses provocatively, as do 99 percent of 23-year-old girls who can. But they were out of line.” Hey, now.

Edit: Her alleged myspace profile pic . . .

Edit: And another