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Take Two

Last year, the City of Decatur paved its roads. After determining that the process was essentially Elmer's Glue and pebbles, it was a matter of days until it became clear that it was the worst paving job in the history of ever.

Well, while walking up to the courthouse a second ago, I saw that Decatur is taking another stab at it. That's a road covered in taxpayer black gook. Let's hope it takes.


Anonymous said...

your tax $ at work.
I bet Gary is so pi$$ at this fine job

Anonymous said...

I was walking back to work on the square today. Pebbles coated with tar were flying at me as cars raced over the primitive paving job. They were also flying into yards and up under peoples' cars. I'd rather have gravel roads, at least then the permeable surface allows rain water to quickly enter the ground.

Anonymous said...

Despite y'alls beautiful courthouse (one of my favorites in the whole state of Texas), I think you should go back to the original caliche roads (that means "dirt" for you Wise Guys). We all know there is plenty of dirt in Wise County. Some gravel, too.

Crud Bonemeal said...

local tax dollars should be spent on roads and battling the criminal element to protect good citizens from evil doers.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice how nice and smooth they did the city hall parking lot?

rpm said...

Decatur is going to have to pony up for a hot mix paving job. Costs more, lasts 15-20 years or longer.
This seal coat paving will be worn out in just a few years. It's the equivilent of putting a Band-Aid on a broken leg. But hey, look at all the money you spent on a Civic Center instead of pavement.

Anonymous said...

The streets near the courthouse are just scary to drive on whether the roads are good or bad.

Maybe that will ease up some when the county builds a new justice center.

Wonder what will happen to the beautiful courthouse?

Anonymous said...

May I suggest that those having problems with the streets take the time to attend an occasional meeting and see where your tax $$$$$ are going.

You might also take the time to find out what the $ amount each department gets is being used for.

I'm assuming it's your city if you are taking the time to take pot shots at what goes on. It's your money.

News Flash - Barry can't fix what you don't like or what may be wrong. The odds are stacked way against you being able to either. There can, though, be some (if limited) satisfaction in knowing that at least you have tried.

Anonymous said...


Been driving by these roads each day during the work week and can't believe the shoddy job being done.

Around the COURTHOUSE SQUARE for pete's sake.

Gotta admit... Bridgeport city road work vs. Decaturs? No question... Bridgeport street jobs look fantastic compared to that crap. New concrete and real asphault paving vs this mess?... remind me to stop moaning about the City of Bridgeport Streets..

Anonymous said...

Forget driving on this nasty crap that will stick to your car and ruin your paint. I will drive in the grass from now on.

Anonymous said...

Bridgeport actually contracted a company to do their streets and they did a way better job even than "site concrete" is doing on the never ending expansion project they call Hwy 380.. thats another major mess.

Anonymous said...

Maybe somebody asked Bill Nelson for advice on how to shape up Decatur's streets.

If so, that's the problem.

Anonymous said...

to 3:13,
this "Site Concrete" crap (highway expansion job) for those who find yourselves lucky enough to live, or travel, between Bridgeport and Decatur, is the "worst implemented attempt at a terribly conceived plan, that I have ever witnessed"...........guess who said that sports fans?....

Anonymous said...

Cheap way out....more money in the budget now to pay the commisioners - and one more thing..
Wise County Comish MR - you suck

Anonymous said...

Bulletin -
Wise County doesn't pave Decatur streets. (Parts of it fall in Pct 1 and 2 but they aren't responsible for what the city does - or doesn't do)

Have to agree - Bridgeport is way ahead on lots - but not all - of their streets. Could they have been more forward thinking, been given better direction? Don't know but possible.

Back to doing your homework -

If it's not just something to gripe about but is really important to you, take the time to find out where the city's priorities are. (Translated - where does it spend your money.) The proposed budget is on the city web site in City Notes/Meetings for anyone interested.

Denney Crane said...


The proposed 2007-2008 fiscal year budget is $28,590,498.

Projections show an increase of $99,178 in sales tax collections, totaling $2.2 million.

In comparison with the 2006-2007 fiscal year budget, the proposed budget is a $4,027,093 increase. Factors contributing to the increase include the Dry Creek/Turkey Creek sewer trunk main project (2,365,000), airport runway and taxiway rehabilitation ($1 million), airport runway and taxiway extension ($400,000), an increase in the Economic Development Corporation Projects ($1,273.643) and other projects.

Funds for street projects total $2,017,440 and plans include the 16th street realignment, Halsell Street redevelopment plan, phase I of west side drainage and paving and work on Industrial Park Boulevard.

I feel secure that Bridgeport city leaders know that good quality streets allow them to spend the other 26 million without objection.


Anonymous said...

The "city" or Runaway Bay just did this type of job, too. With the aid of the County Commish, they scraped the street edges (leaving most of the weeds), spread some tarry substance and then covered with loose gravel. Sure it's an improvement, but so poorly done that it'll deteriorate in a few months. Cheap effort. It's just more lipstick on the pig that politicians like to point to as "progress."

Anonymous said...

Hey 6:21! What do the Wise County commissioners have to do with Decatur roads? Are you like the people who call the county to pave their private roads?

Besides, there are many, many county roads that are better than Decatur roads.

However, I will agree with your comment about MR. He is shady.

Anonymous said...

once agian the city displays thier stupidity the waste of tax dollars on this project for the second time none the less is uncalled for and not to mention that these roads are not as safe as the orignal ones lets have a recall vote for the mayor and councilmen

Anonymous said...


Bridgeport is way ahead of Decatur on streets. Compare concrete streets to each city.

9:03, u noticed that real nice "hot mix" paving was applied to city hall in Decatur. That was on TOP OF THE CONCRETE lot that was already there.

Gary is not in charge of these issues anymore, otherwise we would be moving forward and not backwards.

We wave at the Bobby Wilson Memorial Center every time we have issues about Decatur expenditures.

PLEASE Decatur fathers do not touch or f*#K with police and fire, thats all we have left to keep our supreme being.

Denney Crane said...

If record tax collections in Decatur aren't enough, " order to balance the budget, he (Brett Shannon) is going to propose a slight increase in water and sewer rates."

Big government will never have enough money...

Denney Crane

Anonymous said...

and don't drive one of the new police vehicles as a city vehicle when "u" are so "crunchieee" right now.
The fleet is driving vehicles over 131,000 miles(city miles, not county miles) right now. Bridgeport and Randy Singelton understand safety issues, the rest are making a city grow.