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The Mysterious Tommy Blake

Blake is a defensive player for TCU - check that, he's TCU's best player who has been named to at least four pre-season All America teams. But he has had the oddest month. He mysteriously left the team three weeks ago and went back to his home in South Texas. Coach Patterson flew down there to try and talk him into returning to the team - which Blake did.

Last week, Blake was hospitilized in Fort Worth for three days. Again, no one will say why. He didn't play against Baylor even though he practiced with the team the day before the game.

I was hanging around some TCU alums at a house in Fort Worth before the game on Saturday. I brought Blake's name up hoping to get some answers. It got quiet. Then one guy, who I don't know from Adam, said, "Let's just say it has something to do with a 22 year old girl. And that's all I'm saying." No one dared ask a follow-up question. It was weird.