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Wheels Off News

Just got this email: "At this time we have wise co. deputy upside down in his patrol car, he sounds ok on his radio transmissions. From what I'm gathering he cannot get his seatbelt to unlock, so he's trapped for now!! He needs to think about the weight of his body pulling on the belt. Can you say POCKET KNIFE??>>>>>> UPDATE , another deputy, just told him to get his pocket knife out to cut the seatbelt, now he's free and OK, but there is a juvenile still trapped in a car, don't know if it's 2 vehicles or not.>>>>>> UPDATE #2>>>>> (9:10PM) (10-8) They have cleared the scene,(10-17), enroute to station 5(Wise regional) Does'nt sound like any life threatening injuries. Just some POP!! (Pissed off Police)>> Just heard that a female passenger of the other vehicle has opted out of going to Wise Reg. is now saying she wants to go to Denton instead.(She might have been a patient here before, ya think??)"