What the?

In light of the recent herpes crab mite crisis at the courthouse, the powers at be have installed a loudspeaker with a recording to scare off the pigeons. I just heard it for the first time I second ago and I think it would scare a young child (or weak man) to death. It runs for about one minute on a loop. It starts with sound of a giant locust, and then builds up to what sounds like about 10 monkeys on crack. Then, for the big finish, it is some crazed animalistic screaming of I don't know what, but it sounds like that screeching noise from the zombies of Night of the Living Dead. I'll try to get a recording of it. It's gold. But you can't imagine all the people on the courthouse square that look up with the "what the?" look. Edit: I captured the audio! Please, please, please listen until the 20th second. (The audio was recorded with a cell phone from underneath the awning of Sweetie Pie's Ribeyes. It's raw and hasn't been enhanced at all.)