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Fox 4 put Jeff Crilley on the case of the missing 12 year old girl from Paris, Texas who was allegedly sexually assaulted by William Rhone of Jacksboro.

The highlight of the story was the interview of neighbor Jean Wolfe who talked to the missing 12 year old for an hour and half before she later went missing: "I asked her again about her family . . . and she was very evasive. And I asked her 'So you're eighteen?' and she said 'yeah' and she had told William she was eighteen . . . . He made a . . .uh . . . mistake, trusting someone and believing somebody. But he did not harm her."

Fox 4 has the video of the story here.


Anonymous said...

He made a . . .uh . . . mistake, trusting someone and believing somebody. But he did not harm her."

I thought I was hearing things until you posted this.
I hope this guy is still in jail/or did he go to jail?
Doesn't sound good at all!

Rather than post as anonymous tonight, I 've chosen my identity!


Anonymous said...

i used to work with william. he is harmless as a fly. he is very much so been raised sheltered and is very gullable. i dont know what happened here or have i read anything but this headline. but i know william and i know he wouldnt hurt anybody. make stupid choices probably. but he isnt a child molestor.

Anonymous said...

Come on 8:22!

It's one thing to mistake an 18 year-old for being 21. But, there is no mistaking a 12 year-old for being 18. This dude knew something was wrong from the start, but picked her up anyway.

"Stupid choice" doesn't begin to cover what happened here.

Anonymous said...

8:22, Not a child molester? She was 12 years old and he had sex with her for a week in a Dallas hotel. What the heck is he then???

The Devil said...

Does it really do any good to put a metal awning over your trailer house? I don't know much about wheel estate!

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the guy running for Jacksboro City Council?

Jacksboro, West Virginia, Boyd...Inbreds!

Anonymous said...

I saw a picture of the girl, and she could pass for 18. Wolf knew something was wrong, and she should have clued the guy in. He was blinded by lust. If she told him she was 18, and looked like she was 18, then I don't think he should be labeled a child molestor. Don't know how to handle this one.