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Hey, Bridgeport........Duck!

It's moving north. (But the rain should help Lake Bridgeport which has gone from 18 feet low to 5 1/2 feet low - full is 836 feet sea level.)

Edit: I shall acknowledge my poor math skills. Either that, or I had just downed a bottle of Paxil as I realized I'm halfway through my 10 year battle with depression.


Anonymous said...

I live on the east side of Bridgeport... 2.4 inches of rain in 25 min.


PS - Should read 7 1/2 feet low... 836 - 828.39 = 7.61

Anonymous said...

the current lake elevation is 828.63 . so 836 -828.63 = 7.37 feet below c.l.

Anonymous said...

At least the idiot weathermen on Channel 8 mostly just played a banner on the bottom of the TV screen this time. I heard they've been catching hell in their local papers from editorials and letters to the editors.

Anonymous said...

my flowers got pounded!!-my "required" landscaping is a money pit.
My directv went out-wanted a arm and leg to repair it, so just canceled it!!

Lesson 1: Dont buy the cheapest power surge you can find-You do get what you pay for

Lesson 2: Do pay Directv $5.99/month for the protection plan

Anonymous said...

Have you considered that the Paxil isn't working for ya?