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Internet Ads

This one is at the top of the Drudge Report tonight. I can't imagine how much that cost, but it has to be a huge pile of cash.

I'd never click on it, for obvious reasons:
1. First it gives the indication that it is some type of poll. But if you hover your mouse over it on Drudge, the hyperlink (where it would take you) is the same whether you click on "yes" or "no". It's not a poll at all.
2. The question is designed only for the small minded. "Do you agree with President Bush?" Huh? On what? Immigration? Iraq? Abortion? Sexual Preference? Choice of underwear? Who would answer such a question.
3. Get a "free* laptop"? Puuuleeeezzze. At least they give you some idea there's more to it that clicking on the ad. But, not for a second, do I believe I could get any laptop computer that was worth a crap for free.
4. By all of the above, I can tell the sponsor of the ad (and I have no idea what they are selling) is deceptive. I distance. I distance hard.


Anonymous said...

I'll say it again..........

".........there are some people who should never be able to own, nor get near a COMPUTER."

But, dammit, if I was that stoopid, I would click the button that says "YES" - "I agree that Bush is an A$$", or that button that says "Bush should be impeached", or that other button that asks "Do you think Bush looks like a chimp", yada yada yada.

The Devil said...

Man this sure is a cool laptop!!

Anonymous said...

If it said "Free Lapdance" your clicker would overheat, wouldn't it?