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Very, Very Funny

Here is the set up. A BBC in-studio reporter is sitting down to do a quick interview with Guy Kewney, editor of, regarding some verdict that had been handed down aboutApple Computer and downloadable music. But here is the funny part: The guy who gets interviewed is actually an innocent cab driver and not the aforementioned Guy Kewney. The producer simply had the wrong guy in the wrong chair to be interviewed, The interview is pretty odd in that the cabbie tries to answer the questions in broken English and he has no idea how to answer. He just tries to fake it. But the first few seconds of the video are priceless. Look at the cab driver's face when he is introduced as Guy Kewney. Huge giggle. (You can stop the video at any time and take it back to the beginning by clicking on the little circle with a square black box in it near the lower left hand corner.) Video here. (And here is the real Guy Kewney's take on what happened).


Anonymous said...

Old are fallling down on the job there, B. Or have you just gotten back from the Jane interviews? Regardless, we'll forgive you this time.

Anonymous said...

oh gosh, i thought it was freaking hilarious. i can't stop watching his face.

m&m said...

I like that cab driver, especially the way he just played along and went with it. He was awesome.