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Maverick Chaos

Maverick Jason Terry was suspended for Game Six against the Spurs for punching Michael Finley in the dingus. Think he didn't? Fox 4 News has the proof. (youtube video) And I felt like I was struck in the dingus this afternoon when I heard Cuban called into ESPN Radio during the "Jason Terry Show" and say, and I'm not making this up, "Hey JET [Terry's nickname], this is MC [I suppose that stands for Mark Cuban]. I just want you to know that I've got your back [uh, meaning I won't cut you even though this event may ruin any hopes for an NBA title]." Kill me.


Anonymous said...

And there's no foul for jumping and laying on top of a guy's head?

m&m said...

NBA's going to start requiring cups to be worn like in baseball.

Anonymous said...

Lets face it. JET shouldn't have done it but what is wrong with a fine!! The NBA hates Mark Cuban and they are making sure that he knows it.... but the MAVS are going to be fired up tonight and they are going to play like the Spurs have never seen tonight. Harris will be fine and JET will be missed but the MAVS will prevail.