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"I'm calling from my MObyle phone"

It looks like former Dallas minister Walker Railey is alive and kicking in a California chamber of commerce (based upon this photo taken from an April 28, 2006 newsletter). And I think that's Roy Eaton on the far right.


Anonymous said...

It does look amazingly like Roy Eaton, but of course it isn't. They say everybody has a double.

Lots of folks still think Railey did the dirty deed to his wife Peggy.

I'm one of them.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that Roy has a 2nd family out in Cal?

Collectionsite said...
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Anonymous said...

I'll never forget hearing that voice message Walker left for Peggy. He is guilty as sin and is a con man in my opinion. What a black mark for the wonderful Methodist Church. His kids are so much better off with their legal guardians. Shame on him for not paying for Peggy's care and staying with her. If he were truly innocent, that would have never happened.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering why it has to be an awful black mark on the Methodist Church? The Church did not have anything to do with the actions that took place. The Church was also a victim of this man. Had he truly been living as the Methodist religion teaches he would not have taken the actions that he did.