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Close The Borders. NOW!!!

KNOR, 93.7 on your radio dial, was my favorite station for R&B and Hip-Hop (with more emphasis on the R&B than the hippity hop). It was kind of a hip hop station for white people. Well, I punched on it yesterday morning and was overcome with mexican music. Not even reggaeton music, I'm talking hard core cheap mexican restaurant kind of music. The Star-Telegram explained: "The party's over at hip-hop radio station KNOR/93.7 FM "Party 93.7" - which is now "La Raza 93.7." Station owner Liberman Broadcasting quietly made the switch Thursday. Calls to Liberman's California offices and to 93.7 were unreturned. According to the Web site for Liberman's Houston stations, the La Raza format plays artists such as Intocable, Banda el Recodo and Diana Reyes." We've got to do something about immigration.