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Alcohol and Cheerleaders

Pretty interesting article about alleged drinking by Southlike High School cheerleaders during a game. "Several cheerleaders and their parents said five senior cheerleaders brought vodka to the stadium – concealed under jackets and in duffle bags – and consumed some before the game. The girls also said their teammates clustered into a bathroom stall at halftime to down shots of alcohol but dropped the shot glass on the floor, shattering it, alerting others in the bathroom. Several cheerleaders said they could smell the alcohol on their teammates' breath and observed them swaying on the field, stumbling, reaching for balance and slurring their words. " The school resource officer investigated the claim (maybe), but found no evidence to substantiate it. I love this quote from one of the accused cheerleaders: "We're disgusted, and we feel disrespected."


Anonymous said...

Who needs Cheerleading anyway?

For the rebellious teens, why not slip the vodka into the Senior prom, it would be less dangerous to drink and dance than the drink and do stunts.

The parents need to pull their kids off the Cheerleading squad until the six girls are suspended.

Anonymous said... careful there anon 7:47 - you'll have the wrath of cheerleader moms on you.....

....cheerleading these days is expensive for families. Ask a mom how much it costs now to outfit her daughter, send her to camp, get her into gymnastics, etc.

...but most of these girls are just great kids who want to have fun and share school spirit..

...which is what it should be.

...and I agree, those parents should get their kids off the squad until the mess is resolved.

Anonymous said...

I can remember drinking cherry vodka before a football game when I was in the high school band. I only did it once and was really disapointed. I didn't feel a thing and someone called my Mom and told on me.

Kids are going to do things like this. That doesn't mean I approve of it but experimentation is part of being a teenager.

Anonymous said...

Boy I totally agree with you anon 8:56. I think all kids are going to try drinking and probably smoking too.

Parents who think their little angels aren't going to experiment are in denial big time.

The scary part for moms/dads is how to tell the kids to handle the responsibility that comes with it.


bigcatdaddy said...

Ahhhh takes me back to my high school days when I played in the band at Boyd HS. I remember sitting at the back of the bus en route to road games drinking a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 or Boone's Farm. Oh those were the days. :-D

Anonymous said...

MD 20/20, now thats the stuff!

Anonymous said...

it still shocksme that people would mix drinking with things they do that are dangerous. i have been part of the football secene for more than ten years and have seen many cheerleaders do some wild moves. i am not a cheetrleader but i can tell that it would be very dangerous and could get a person hurt or killed if some one in the group had been intoxicated and not preformed the act properly. i agree with anon 7:47 yes the kids need to walk away but the parents need to do the same thing go on strike.

Anonymous said...

The guy is lucky he wasn't killed. The lock on my door is to tell people that this is my home. If you violate that, I'm going to do everything within my power to protect my family. I would have done the same thing (maybe worse).
Stories like this need more press. More publicity might get the word on the street that (to borrow words from the big screen), "We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!" This might help deter a little more crime.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I clicked the wrong story.