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For Die Hard Cowboy Fans

Former Dallas Cowboy quarterback Quincy Carter called into KTCK (The Ticket) today and it turned into radio gold. He was questioned about his past drug use and whether he would have to undergo a four game suspension if he were to re-enter the NFL. The audio is here. Warning: This is only for broadband users since the audio file is 22 megs. The interview runs 22 minutes (full of tension). Click on the link and after a few minutes and audio file icon will appear.


Anonymous said...

Yet another professional athlete to use as a role model!

Anonymous said...

Point one:

I wish everyone would get off this kick of using athletes as role models. I have raised two boys, both interested in sports, both had their favorite players. They might want to wear their jersey or liked watching them but they never used them as a role model. Parents, their peers as their bosses have more influence on them than some guy they see on TV.

Point two:
I never liked Quincy, never liked the way he talked. He will never make it in the NFL because he is not a leader.

Point three:
Quincy needs to look at political office or being Jesse Jackson sidekick.

Anonymous said...

Quincy is another example of Jerry Jones not knowing anything about how to evaluate athletes.

If he will let the coaches coach and stick to being a modern day P. T. Barnum the Cowboys may become successful. If not, they will remain in the dumper like they have been for the past 10 years.