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Triple Sheesh

"WASHINGTON, Dec. 15 ­- Months after the Sept. 11 attacks, President Bush secretly authorized the National Security Agency to eavesdrop on Americans and others inside the United States to search for evidence of terrorist activity without the court-approved warrants ordinarily required for domestic spying, according to government officials. " Condi Rice was on the Today Show this morning and was onfronted about the story. She only said she "couldn't comment" on it (why not?) and wanted to "assure" the American people that anything Bush did was "legal". I guess it all depends on what the meaning of "legal" is.


comment4U said...

Why don't you run for President, Barry, and show us how easy it is to do everything "right?"

Anonymous said...

That all depends on what the meaning of "right" is.

We all must agree to disagree.

Anonymous said...

I'm not quite sure what to make of comment4u's post. I can tell you that kind of thinking(perhaps a poor choice of words)is frightening. So it's OK for the government to tap our phones and put listening devices directed at our homes? This is NOT "legal", I don't care what Ms. Rice says. This is a throwback to McCarthyism of the 50's or Hitler's Germany. We'll all just let personal freedoms get extinguished in the name of "Homeland Security". If Bush unilaterally says it's done for security reasons, they we just have to take his word for it...just like we did when he told us Saddam had WMDs. I'm not saying surveillance is not OK, but for heaven's sake, it needs to be ordered or approved by more than one person in the Oval Office who has gotten it wrong on international affairs far more often than right. Oh, and by the way, I am not a LIB DEM, I am a Republican who dares to think for himself and has an opinion that is contradictory to Bush. And by the way, I have a "legal" right to do that and not be called unpatriotic. Well said, Barry.

comment4U said...

Oh, for gosh's sake...don't go all cattywhampus on me, Anons....Barry just irritates me with his conspiracy he well knows.

I'm not dismissing anything by ANY means. Just a bite-me-Barry jab at him, not a defense of Bush/Condi or the Republicans who bend the rules.

I give my votes in good faith, but I too, think independently and watch what they all do. Politicians have an abhorrent habit of starting out with the best intentions. THEN, for the "greater good" in the long run--be it their ultimate goals, or securing further elections--they minimalize bending the rules, striking under-the-table deals, and manipulating "what they don't know won't hurt them" scenarios. All because they lose sight of their original intentions--and that's what I think about the GOOD politicians.

I'm not a marshmallow constituent. I do, however, think that instead of sitting back watching for the cracks in the foundation, people who DO think critically should put their talents to use and PARTICIPATE in building a better Party, whichever one you're in.

Anonymous said...

This President is trying desperately to shore up his lagging image. His good old laid back cowboy boot kickin' stuff isn't working. The papers today are full of the "successful" this and "successful" that of this administration. Bull!

And it CAN begin locally. I agree with 8:41 - start in the party you are in.

We need several changes in the Commissioner's Court.

Good place to start.

Condoleesa said...


You know stuff like this makes you cranky. Probably should find a boobage shot to post to cheer yourself back up.

comment4U said...

Argggggh! No, Condoleesa! The problems in politics canNOT be solved w/boobage! lol

Anonymous said...

.....not sure i agree with you 9:25 - boobage just might solve a lot of our political problems...

..and some brains along with them!


gofish said...

Since these are only allegations and it has been proven, don't get your panties in a wad yet. Isn't that what a defense attorney would tell us? That's what Bill's people told us anyway.
I have to agree with the guy who told comment4u there thinking wasn't right. Please, please, please don't encourage Barry to run. (I know you were joking comment4u.)
Back to the ALLEGATIONS, if there were taps, who were they on? Would there have been good faith reasons for it.
I don't know about some of you but I'll give a little to keep a plane from crashing on my head or having the grocery store blown up and having my church disrupted by someone walking around with explosives and a death wish. Call me silly.

Condoleesa said...

I wasn't solving political problems just trying to lighten the mood. We aren't going to solve political problems anyway.

Anonymous said...

The Bush Administration is a joke. Not only did he give authorization on domestic wiretaps, without prior notice. Now not only are we being watched in our own house, they can also see us walking to our cars and driving home to work everyday. When you get online you are being watched by Carnivore. I wish you people would stop saying it is a conspiracy theory. I know for a fact it is not, I helped design Carnivore in the early 90's for SBC which was under contract by you guessed it the Fed.

LoveLit said...

Gofish...I'm with you. None of us are completely happy, nor will ever be, about the state of our country. I am okay with the feds watching me go to my car (if that's even true) or tapping whatever. If they save some Americans in the process...isn't it all worth it? And seriously...who honestly thinks about being "watched". I'm sure if they watched me for too long, they'd switch the channel...who cares.

Anonymous said...

anon 3:44 PM

If you helped design the Carnivore in the 90' isn't it your we should blame not the current adminstration?

Anonymous said...

Ya'll seem to miss a simple point, the spying authorized by the president was not allowed under current law. You know, the law that the president swore to uphold. If the spying was needed, all that was required was to get some court to authorize it. If the grounds were sufficient, the court would grant it. It's called "checks and balances". That's how our government is supposed to work. It appears to me that the president acted on bad advice and basically broke the law.

Anonymous said...

I agree, now its time for him to either step down or get convicted and face the penalties any other person would endure. At this point I am desperate enough to say I want Nader to be President, but oh well I guess.

Anonymous said...'s ST says many Republicans are hacked with Bush about this...

...this is one of three things: stupidity, arrogance or law breaking.

..oh, it'll be ok. He's got three Reverends to help..

Falwell, Robison and Robertson to the rescue!

Anonymous said...

Hey, 10:54, You are too generous. I think it's all three: arrogance, stupidity and very much breaking the law. It's a much more impeachable offense than messing around with and figging about some intern.

Anonymous said...

There are a bunch of absolute IDIOTS writing on this blog. If you will look at a RELIABLE news source, not the networks that are giving slanted news trying to discredit bush, you will see the truth.
This is all LEGAL. Congress was briefed at least 12 times. This is correspondence from and to here from other countries. It is from numbers gotten from computers of known terrorists.
DO YOU IDIOTS WANT ANOTHER 911, just so you can bash BUSH. I certainly didn't expent so many nutcases right here in Jack county

Anonymous said...

1:22 - I'm afraid it's YOUR sources that are somewhat questionable. The "legality" of this activity was questioned by people at NSA who were uncomfortable with the whole process. And now members of congress of both parties are fuming. All the president needed to do was get a court order (easy to do) or file for one within 72 hours of the request and he could have complied with the law. But no, his arrogance, stupidity and bad advice have him in more hot water.

We live in a representative democracy under law. Gee, that's what we're advocating for Iraq not some dictator who believes he's above the law.

Anonymous said...

...well gee, just how much does Barry know about those of us who post here? much for anonymity!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:22,
Before you start calling people idiots and degrading them-learn a thing or two about computer networking, formalized algorithms, and politics before you start taking sides.
For one, I could careless how many congressional members were briefed over this issue. The "reason" Bush is advocating wiretapping electronically as stated by himself the other day is to "find links to terror".

The problem with this is Bush makes it sound as if we are going after the Al Qaeda operatives, etc. But the only way to find these links is to quite literally use super computers to filter out words, phrases and scan the U.S. Internet Gateway for key phrases used commonly by these terrorists.

So lets put this into perspective of how it quite possibly works as reported by the government and the media:

Lets say a guy named Ayad lives in Decatur-just an example. Ayad is an innocent hard working 24 year old from Iraq that works for the DISD. Ayad one day decides to look up information on google, yahoo, etc. If he happens to type in arabic a red flag is already up in the filtering system. Heck, he may even type in Al Qaeda in Arabic-trying to find news on al qaeda or something. More than likely the government surveillance system would filter this and subpoena the search engine for his search query and ip address. This ip address would then be traced to his Internet Service Provider--lets say in this example he had dialup access with ABC ISP or something. ABC ISP would receive a subpoena from the government for this persons' information.

Right there the government agency in control would have access to the network-because now they know who his ISP is, where he lives, and his IP address. Not just that, but they have access to his phone number, cell phone number possibly. The computer system would more than likely tap the numbers find his friends in his address book, and tap those lines as well.

Now Ayad has the government listening to every call, every move he makes online, and probably watching him as he walks to his car after work. They probably I am sure have the ability to have the computer transcribe each cell phone, or landline call from him and his friends and turn it into a text document-this document more than likely would be scanned for more phrases often used by terrorists.

A month goes by, but the government figures out they have gotten no where with Ayad. So they cease tapping and surveillance for the meantime. All at the same time Ayad had no idea big brother was listening to every word on his phones, watched every site he visited, and were able to take a picture of his house from space.

What is sad is, this quite possibly happens daily to hundreds and maybe even thousands of American citizens--and granted a lot of illegal citizens. Does it make it right? What do you think?

I guess it is a matter of perspective. Personally, I think Bush broke the law. He has no right to allow such wiretapping to American citizens without probable cause. The only thing they are doing is creating leads to find these terrorists. It is absolutely ridiculous.

gofish said...

Yes, it is crazy to find the terrorists. If Bush would just sit back and relax, he'll find them easily enough...blowing up buildings, killing people and creating havoc in our country. I agree, it is crazy to look for terrorists.

Anonymous said...

OK, How about a final word here. It appears that there are those who would allow Bush to avoid any law he wants in the name of finding terrorists. This approach could lead to allowing the president to observe only the laws he wants to. This method has been used before - by kings. Do we really want a king? I don't.