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From The List Of . . .

. . . top publishing errors made in 2005:

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Anonymous said...

Oops. Maybe if awards to the news media stressed accuracy and correctness, they would mean more in the REAL world. For instance, TEXAS MONTHLY gives out their annual 10 BEST and 10 WORST legislators, but this award has a problem. The 10 WORST may be fairly accurate, but the 10 BEST usually go to legislators that "succeeded" in passing a lot of laws. However, have you ever wondered if those "laws" are going to actually accomplish what they are intended to accomplish? Ask any lawyer what its like everytime the legislature meets--a lot of silly, ineffectual laws have to be figured out. In the same way--news agencies give each other awards--but they are usually about style and apparent substance--but is the accuracy and correctness investigated? NOPE.