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Elton John

You know, as I watched a bit of his NBC special tonight from Las Vegas, it dawned on me that this guy has been around forever. And I still stop down for "Rocket Man" every time.


Anonymous said...

He IS an amazingly talented person. I'm not a fan of his personal life, but I sure listen to a lot of his music.

Anonymous said...

yes......even though he is gay.......I like him.

Anonymous said...

BSG secret lover? HUM

Anonymous said...

If you ever get the chance, download the live version of "Take Me To The Pilot" recorded in Rio de Janiero (sp), I think... one of the best songs EVER!! Elton and his band with a symphonic orchestra. WoW!!

Also,credit goes to his songwriter, Bernie Taupin, who has penned a ton of great songs