The Campaign For DA


It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

Man of the Year.
Cat of the Year
"That's a bold move, Cotton."
Bits are fun.And proof we have too much free time.
Note to girl: Don't join the Fighting Aggie Marching Band. You'll die.
Get me this cat!


Bear said...

The motorcycle gif is not so bad. Its a scooter. If it was a Harley, the pedestrian would not have done that.

Anonymous said...

If it was a white guy on a Harley I would have knocked his ass out! Don't tell me just because you crackers ride a Harley we supposed to be scared! Fuck yall! You don't own the road as much as yall like that idea! Try it on a crosswalk again and see what happens!

David said...

To be grammatically correct, that would be the Fight'n Texas Aggie Band, and yes, in my day, she wouldn't have made it past the sideline before she was flattened.

I still remember fondly the day that an opposing football team tried to break the front rank while running back on the field after halftime. The ringleader was face masked to the ground and we all took great joy in stomping over him as we went by. 36 ranks worth. His buddies did not try to rescue him, rather they laughed as he was flattened by a bunch of BQ's.

Anonymous said...

MAN of the year? Really?

Anonymous said...


I have no clue what your second paragraph is about. I get the feeling it isn't particularly significant? So, don't bother explaining it.