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Decatur School Athletic Pay

In response to my bullet point about how much coaches in Wise County make, a Faithful Reader sent me this. (Source.)

And here are the stipends:

(Credit: Not DF Decatur Penny Mom.)


Anonymous said...

Rod Townsend drained the coffers. Now you have jam packed classes and stressed out teachers. Hire some relief. 30 kids in a class is too much. That District of Innovation deal screwed the kids and teachers.

Anonymous said...

And if you haven't figured it out yet, District of innovation is the tip of the iceberg. Now your DOI can declare an area of high need and "self-certify" a teacher for a position in that field. Can't get a certified Spanish teacher to apply? Declare Spanish high need and hire one of the Hispanic janitors. Or worse, what to hire Joseph Blowhard, state winning football coach but you don't have an opening in his certified area? Declare his certified area high need and hire him anyway. DOI is another nail in the coffin of an educated society.

DF JHo Howard

Anonymous said...

What's the point? When the football games are equally attended whether a team is 10-0 or 0-10, then coaches salaries will come down.

Anonymous said...

charter and private schools will eventually take care of coach overpopulation

Anonymous said...

Old Rod! Took care of Rod and his buddies!