Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Seven people were shot dead (and two more injured) at a Cowboys watching party in Plano. Early reports are that it is domestic dispute related. The shooter was killed by police. Insane.
  • Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place, but I've seen few photos from the Florida Keys after the hurricane. (Assuming it is still there.) But Key West may have no power, no cell phone service, no water, and no way out. But I keep seeing conflicting reports.
  • If you are rich enough to have a big boat in Florida, how do you not hire someone to get that thing out of there a week ago? 
  • Harvey seems like a distant memory but those people are still suffering. And, as a side note, it sounds like the Harris County Court's Building is now useless. (That place sounds like a dump -- no offense to my friends down there.)
  • This is real: The second half kickoff from the 49ers' game. I didn't know there were as many people that don't care about the NFL as me. 
  • Bizarre: The driver of an 18 wheeler was killed last night after colliding with a crane that was on its way to remove the Robert E. Lee statute in Dallas.
  • Feel his power. He can unilaterally do that? 
  • The Messenger had an editorial this week criticizing the local United Way for allowing Texas legislature Rep. Pat Fallon to be the featured speaker. He is running against our incumbent State Senator but, as directed, stuck to his script and gave a speech about his giving and fund raising (and talking about running seven marathons, on seven continents, in seven days.) I'm completely torn on the issue of using that forum for not-so-subtle self-promotion. 
  • If you have any doubt that we are now at full Idiocracy, this is an official tweet from a Florida sheriff's account.
  • Speaking of Idiocracy, I can't stop staring at these two: 

  • Yes, I know Baylor lost to UTSA. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Texas looked much better even with a freshman QB, TCU looked really good, and OU looked great.
  • Trump and Danica Patrick the First Lady.
  • I'll never forget a pre-game prayer that our Bridgeport high school football team held. It began, and I won't tell you which coach led it, "Dear Lord, we need a win, and we need a win bad." I was 17 years old and rose my head up to look around and made eye contact with one teammate. It was all we could do to keep from busting out laughing.  
  • I almost made Mrs. LL a fan of Southpark. (At least she thinks Cartman is funny.)
  • Great. You went to the moon. The country is grateful. But don't dress like a fool the rest of your life to remind everyone about it, Buzz Aldrin. (Last night at Cowboy game.)
  • Football pet peeve: Why bring over the sticks to measure for a first down when it clearly is one in some situation? Perfect example: Say the first down marker is exactly on the 30 yard line. A play is run and the ball is marked one inch over the 30 yard line. Yet, I've seen them stop the game to measure in those situations. It was over the 30!