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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Seven people were shot dead (and two more injured) at a Cowboys watching party in Plano. Early reports are that it is domestic dispute related. The shooter was killed by police. Insane.
  • Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place, but I've seen few photos from the Florida Keys after the hurricane. (Assuming it is still there.) But Key West may have no power, no cell phone service, no water, and no way out. But I keep seeing conflicting reports.
  • If you are rich enough to have a big boat in Florida, how do you not hire someone to get that thing out of there a week ago? 
  • Harvey seems like a distant memory but those people are still suffering. And, as a side note, it sounds like the Harris County Court's Building is now useless. (That place sounds like a dump -- no offense to my friends down there.)
  • This is real: The second half kickoff from the 49ers' game. I didn't know there were as many people that don't care about the NFL as me. 
  • Bizarre: The driver of an 18 wheeler was killed last night after colliding with a crane that was on its way to remove the Robert E. Lee statute in Dallas.
  • Feel his power. He can unilaterally do that? 
  • The Messenger had an editorial this week criticizing the local United Way for allowing Texas legislature Rep. Pat Fallon to be the featured speaker. He is running against our incumbent State Senator but, as directed, stuck to his script and gave a speech about his giving and fund raising (and talking about running seven marathons, on seven continents, in seven days.) I'm completely torn on the issue of using that forum for not-so-subtle self-promotion. 
  • If you have any doubt that we are now at full Idiocracy, this is an official tweet from a Florida sheriff's account.
  • Speaking of Idiocracy, I can't stop staring at these two: 

  • Yes, I know Baylor lost to UTSA. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Texas looked much better even with a freshman QB, TCU looked really good, and OU looked great.
  • Trump and Danica Patrick the First Lady.
  • I'll never forget a pre-game prayer that our Bridgeport high school football team held. It began, and I won't tell you which coach led it, "Dear Lord, we need a win, and we need a win bad." I was 17 years old and rose my head up to look around and made eye contact with one teammate. It was all we could do to keep from busting out laughing.  
  • I almost made Mrs. LL a fan of Southpark. (At least she thinks Cartman is funny.)
  • Great. You went to the moon. The country is grateful. But don't dress like a fool the rest of your life to remind everyone about it, Buzz Aldrin. (Last night at Cowboy game.)
  • Football pet peeve: Why bring over the sticks to measure for a first down when it clearly is one in some situation? Perfect example: Say the first down marker is exactly on the 30 yard line. A play is run and the ball is marked one inch over the 30 yard line. Yet, I've seen them stop the game to measure in those situations. It was over the 30!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

$1.00 says you won't wear Buzz Aldren's suit to court.

"Its in the breeding Randolph."

Mortimer Duke

Anonymous said...

If Buzz Aldrin wants to dress like the rock star that he is, let him. Let him live his best life.

Anonymous said...

With the average cost to attend a NFL right at $300, I'm surprised that more stadiums don't look like that.

Anonymous said...

The man was the second human to set foot on the Moon. Not the new Starbucks, not The Star, not the food court at the Galleria. The freaking MOON!!! He can wear whatever the hell he feels like.

DF Chuck Yeager

Anonymous said...

Maybe all the 49ers fans are staying home, using drugs and alkyhol, watching the game on tv, and shooting each other.

Harry Hamid said...

It's just the Harris County Criminal Courts building that's shut down for the foreseeable future.

Back in 2001, it was brand new (it had only been open a couple months) and got flooded out in a tropical storm. It cost as much as the building had just cost to fix it up.

Now, the criminal courts are being held across the street (where the Civil Courts building is fine). The county attorneys have been driven out to wherever they can grab space, including displacing me in the office I use on Fridays beneath the county law library.

Triple Fake... said...

Harris County courthouse: If I remember correctly from my one visit there, it's got an underground pedestrian system for getting around. If that thing got flooded, not good for the structural integrity of the building.

"If you have any doubt that we are now at full Idiocracy..."
We're talking about Florida here. They're the pacesetters for Idiocratization.

"I think we're very well coordinated"
I'm not sure he was still talking about Irma there. His tie is perfectly coordinated with Melanica's racing suit!

I'll just paraphrase what somebody said last week: You shut your dirty mouth about Buzz Aldrin! He earned the right to do whatever the hell he wants for the rest of his life

Anonymous said...

"If you are rich enough to have a big boat in Florida, how do you not hire someone to get that thing out of there a week ago? "

Step 1: Overinsured boat.
Step 2: ?
Step 3: Profit.

"Feel his power. He can unilaterally do that?"

If it's just a TDI reg (part of the executive dept.), and not a statute (which would create a separation of powers problem), yes.

"And, as a side note, it sounds like the Harris County Court's Building is now useless. (That place sounds like a dump -- no offense to my friends down there.)"

Which one? We have a five story juvenile justice building (suffered roof damage, but is quickly repairable), the 1910 Courthouse that houses the two courts of appeals (didn't suffer a scratch), the old six-story family law building (which was trashed by years of family judges abusing the building with their bullshit docket policies causing the place to deteriorate early because of the high traffic), the 17-story civil building (which only took damage in the basement, because there is a tunnel loop connecting the courthouses and the jury assembly building, which is underground in the center of all of the courthouses, but is running at capacity right now), and then the 15 story criminal building (the one you meant, no doubt).

The criminal building was put right on a bayou, and opened right before Tropical Storm Allison. The geniuses who approved the design of the building (local judges on a commission) did not think that putting all of the engineering in the basement of a building next to the water was a problem--so when it flooded, it shut that building down and took a year to fix. Then they installed flood doors in the tunnels next to the courthouses. But they forgot to close them last year, and the buildings flooded a little bit--in the criminal building, that meant that the main damage was due to sewage backing up in the basement. And this time they finally remembered to shut the doors, but sewage started backing up again once the water flowed into the basement by seeping through the walls themselves (remember, it is on he water), and then the flooding somehow made the water system think that it should shoot chilled pressurized water up through the plumbing system, which caused pipes to break at every floor, flooding the place from the top down.

So, yeah, now everyone is crowding into the civil building, which will promptly be destroyed by the ridiculous policies of the criminal courts in requiring frequent settings at which both lawyer and defendant must be present, filling the courthouse up every single day for thousands of cases that will just be reset anyway, and family courts that do basically the same thing.

Even when the criminal courts had their own building they frequently had lines out the door and around the block to get into the building through stupid and increasingly ridiculous security measures. And the criminal and family judges complain year after year that they have too much to do, but unless an actual trial is going on they and their staff disappear not long after lunch and often don't get there for an hour after the docket was supposed to start.

If the average public knew the contempt the criminal and family judges had for the average litigant, and the complete waste of time their policies create, they would fire every single one of them. We could save millions of dollars every year in Harris County if the judges weren't power tripping every day.

DF Some Houston Lawyer With a Stick Up His Butt

Anonymous said...

How about those Cowboys!

Anonymous said...

Not one thought about 9-11?

Anonymous said...

TF--the tunnel floods frequently. It doesn't cause a structural problem, but because they're connected and they frequently forget to close the flood doors, if water gets in near the bayou, it can get almost anywhere in the system. The tunnels dip pretty low below some streets, but that just collects water, which runs through a building and out the other side to another part of the tunnel, sometimes.

There are two downtown tunnel systems. The largest one connects most downtown buildings and is huge. Half of downtown's services or more are actually in the tunnels. The second is the court house tunnel loop--it is a closed loop for the courthouses only, so that if you enter the loop in one building, you do not have to go through security a second time (with one exception) and can come out in any courthouse. When we had TS Allison, both tunnel systems flooded. Since then, only the courthouse loop has.

Fun stuff.

Anonymous said...

It's freaking Buzz Aldrin, he can do whatever the ****he wants!!

Anonymous said...

A group of us are going to do something.
— Thomas E. Burnett Jr.

We're going to rush the hijackers.
— Jeremy Glick

Are you guys ready? Let's roll.
— Todd Beamer

They're coming.
— voice in Arabic, reportedly toward the end of the United flight 93 CVR (cockpit voice recorder). 11 September 2001.

Anonymous said...

RTG: It's beyond idiocracy if Bacon doesn't give that lady a blue ribbon.

Anonymous said...

Content for today gets a 5. It's not nice to stare. Be careful about making comments on the first lady's wardrobe this blog could turn into queer eye for the straight guy. In the end BON still wins with a 9, 7 for content and 2 bonus points for posting pic of daughter climbing a tree.
DF Siskell and Ebert

Anonymous said...

Hey Skippy, Stay Woke!! Has Trump launched nukes into North Korea yet? Has Trump fired Sessions yet?

Anonymous said...

It is nice to see Baylor back where it belongs in football. You think they could have concerts in that stadium to recoup some of the costs? Christian concerts only.

Anonymous said...

No mention of 9/11? Have you already forgotten?

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

*checks in on today's post for any 9/11 comments/stories/articles. Notes only the usual. Moves on.*

Anonymous said...

9:46 - A few years later the American Left turned against them in a failed attempt to win the 2004 presidential race.

Anonymous said...

10:09 - Regressives like Barry believed that we had it coming.

Anonymous said...

Hope that door didn't hit Honcho on the way out.

Actually, I don't care of it did or not. His butthurt is getting old.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kristy baby! Want me to take you to the Moon? If you know what I mean.

DF Buzz Aldrin
df cruising

Anonymous said...

Every time I see Melania in that sour face and shades, I hear a voice in my head with a Zsa Zsa Gabor accent saying, "Dahlink, where is my cocktail? I cannot do this wizzout my cocktail."

DF Berlitz

Anonymous said...

A good seat, nice food, prime parking, several nifty souvenirs, and a few libations would only cost about $1000 per adult. That's a great entertainment buy in my book.

DF Jerry Jones
df billionaire

Anonymous said...

Holey Moley! After seeing the beach pict, I am sweating like today's RTG and I'm not even out in the sun. A lovely lass.

DF Coppertone

Anonymous said...

With the kick off of the next election campaign, supporters are chanting "4 more years". Alas, FLOTUS is sighing, "4 more years."

Anonymous said...

"I didn't know there were as many people that don't care about the NFL as me."

That's a very oddly phrased statement. You are one person, and you didn't know there were as many people that didn't care about the NFL as you? You didn't think there was one other person who doesn't care about the NFL? I know that's not what you meant, but that's how it reads.

Anonymous said...

Re: the shooting in Plano, I work with one of the victims. It's been a really hard day in our office.

Anonymous said...

I dated a girl from Plano for a few months. Them people just ain't right

Anonymous said...

I don't know what that says about me.

Brandon said...

If bored you should look up the WFAA sportscaster who announced Baylor's loss Saturday night with a "And with that loss, Karma moves to 2-0 on the season."

Anonymous said...

So, if you're not at the game in person, you don't care about the NFL?

Anonymous said...

After looking at the suit, Buzz, me thinks there may HAVE been something in those moon rocks we brought back.

DF Neil Armstrong