Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Trump agreeing with Democrats to raise the debt ceiling for three months, and praising Schumer and Pelosi in the process, is sooooo Trump. Oh, and how about this flashback from 2013!:
  • Texas high school head football coach salary database for 5A and 6A schools. Does anyone know the highest paid coach in Wise County? It has to be either Decatur or Bridgeport, and I'd bet on Decatur. 
  • The city council in Dallas agreed, 13-1, to immediately remove the Robert E. Lee statue. As crews were doing it, a TRO was granted by a federal judge. That's almost bizarre. A hearing is scheduled for today. Prediction: It will be dissolved and the statue comes down. (I didn't know Sidney Fitzwater, a Baylor grad, was still a district judge. I thought he would have been on an appeals court by now.)
  • There was a guy who spoke at the Dallas city council meeting with an incredibly funny cartoon voice who ended it saying, "the wrong side won" the Civil War. I'm desperately trying to find it so I can post it. It's gold. 
  • I had forgotten about the Austin PD officer who faked his death in May. He resigned yesterday. 
  • Pete Delkus made a marijuana joke yesterday.
  • I'm trying to get Mrs. LL, who is scared to death of the "Scary Clown", to go see It with me. I think I'd watch her more than the movie during it. 
  • This lady has successfully impersonated herself as a police office in order to steal a guy's wallet in Dallas.
  • The West is on fire but I thought this photo from Oregon was photoshopped. It's not. 
  • WFAA, Fox 4, and the Star-Telegram have all tweeted this morning about a new Blue Bell flavor using the same photo. WFAA denied to me it was a paid ad. That's a lie. They should at least give us some information if this ice cream flavor will kill you like some of the others did.