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Oh, My! Steve Bannon Going All Steve Bannon!

And Trump does a 180 this morning:


Anonymous said...

"This is not about doctrine."

TRUE! I'm so glad someone had the guts to say this to today's modern, namby-pamby LIBERAL American Christians!!! Since we're a Christian nation, we shouldn't care about foreigners because nothing in the Bible says Christians should care for foreigners!!!!!

Well, except for Lev. 19:33-34.

Oh, and Deut. 27:19.

Drat, almost forgot Matt. 25:35. That one's in red. Can't believe I almost forgot it.

Oops, Ezek. 47:22 as well.

And Heb. 13:2.

Dang it, Zech. 7:9-10. And Jer. 7:5-7. And Lev. 25:35. And Deut. 10:18.

You know, maybe it IS about doctrine after all.

Never mind.

Anonymous said...

Bannon is such a warm, fuzzy guy. But, I do have a question about his statement on why the Catholic Church wants the illegals. He says they want to fill the church and want their money. Do illegals really have the deep pockets? I am not Catholic; just curious.

DF John the Baptizer

Bear said...

What Trump 180? He said all along that Congress needs to address this situation, not the President as Obama did.

He has been consistent all the way through.

He did not deport the DACA kids. He simply said that Congress needs to make this permanent.

Anonymous said...

"Now, let's be clear -- this is not amnesty, this is not immunity. This is not a path to citizenship. It's not a permanent fix. This is a temporary stopgap measure that lets us focus our resources wisely while giving a degree of relief and hope to talented, driven, patriotic young people. It is...
...Precisely because this is temporary, Congress needs to act."

B.H.O. June 2012

So how did President Trump do a 180? His announcement on the end of DACA gave Congress six months to write and pass a law regarding this issue, just like the Constitution required.

Anonymous said...

Trump telling them nothing to worry about for six months means they'll be gone by EOD Monday.