Random Tuesday Morning Thoughs

  • Payten Tynsky, 16, of Decatur High was killed in a car wreck yesterday. Upon learning of the news, I suddenly felt stupid for my grief over losing Family Pup #2. I cannot fathom the pain of losing a child. And it reminds you that tomorrow is no guarantee. 
  • I was disturbed by the injuries I saw in college football this weekend. And the NFL is worse. Everyone needs to be aware that Cowboys TE Rico Gathers has been put on Injured Reserve due to a concussion
  • I finally watched Jackie starring Natalie Portman. It was fantastic. She was a nominee for an Academy Award for her role, and I'm not sure she shouldn't have won it. 
  • I also ended up watching Hell or High Water again. It needs to be a training film for every young cop. Focus on the old Texas Ranger. And by that I mean, his attitude and how he treats the public. 
  • I've said this before but I'll say it again, every employer needs to go online and try to figure out if you have an employee who is a self-proclaimed "Proud Boy." And it you are a "Proud Boy", prove it by telling your employer.
  • It looks like the Trump Administration is taking steps to repeal DACA and end the protection for the Dreamers. I'll pay any reporter $100 to ask Trump during a press conference what "DACA" stands for.
  • There are many, many "illegals" who came forward under DACA because our government promised them protection. Now the United States will go back on its word. 
  • He is Darth Vadar. 
  • Football thought from high school to college: Does no one care about special teams? 
  • I somehow managed to stumble on the Longhorn Network and saw Tom Herman's press conference yesterday. He looked horrible. He sounded horrible. He made odd statements and paused for many seconds before answering questions. I'm worried about the guy. And I've got nothing against him. 
  • It looks like we've got a fight for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2, in Wise County. 
  • Mrs. LL won an electric guitar in a raffle. I need your thoughts and prayers.