Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • "Severed head leads to two bodies in Arlington." That's disturbing. 
  • "Boston Red Sox Used Apple Watches to Steal Signs Against Yankees." That headline is a little dramatic. It wasn't the batter looking at his watch during the pitcher's windup to get the stolen sign. 
  • Trump has canceled his Dallas fundraising trip for September. Uh, oh. When has he ever turned down money?
  • I completely missed this story last week: " Watauga woman left her home upset Tuesday. Minutes later, police fatally shot her." 
  • It looks like the overly medaled Sheriff Clarke wanted a job in the White House but Chief of Staff John Kelly said that was not going to happen
  • We've got another military plane accident. This time a F-16.
  • Let's check in on who supports Trump's decision to overturn DACA:
  • Sports: Frank Gore is still a running back in the NFL?
  • The federal judge in the Zeke Elliott case graduated from Baylor Law School four years after I did. I'm old. 
  • I'm not making this up: Mrs. LL and someone else went over to a murder (or suicide) scene yesterday near North Richland Hills after the cops left and investigated the blood splatter evidence. (The girl ain't right.) I still haven't seen a story on it.