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It's Not Quite "And Another" And I Don't Want To Create A New Category

It involves a substitute teacher, Oklahoma, and a contrast in photos. Story. (Thanks, emailer.)


Anonymous said...

1) She was hot before the meth took hold.
2) Now it's a crime to forget to wear underwear?
3) Saw her ----- open and close? Come on!
4) Thanks, Obama.

Ernest T said...

Have never subbed, but I would have thought that schools would at least do a low-level background check on subs. With her prior record, looks like she shouldn't have been allowed to sub.

Anonymous said...

"The student noted that she saw Sponsler’s “vagina open and close, as her legs were in the air.” "

Obviously the cop that wrote the affidavit is into bits and that's good because bits are fun.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you do don't click on the link to this story above, it created massive pop ups on my phone that I couldn't get rid of had to restart. I've never had that happen before, didn't even know it was possible.

Anonymous said...

wow, someone has not aged well at all.

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Anonymous said...

Oklahoma always gets the better school stories. We're envious.

DF Texas Education Agency

Anonymous said...

Barry, this story defies classification. We don't even know what Dewey Decimal classification to group it in.

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Anonymous said...

I guess that is what folks mean they talk about "airing it out". And here I thought it was about throwing the long ball.

DF Rodger Staubach

Anonymous said...

Phone addiction is a horrible thing.