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It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

I'll leave this one alone. 
The Family Pup can do this but not while doing curls.
The backup cat knows to go while the getting's good. 
Only your best friends laugh at you in your time of need. 
"You put the life jacket on me. What'd you expect?"

The gymnastics room is over there. That might be a better option for you.
Hey, stop showing off. We got a new girl with a 
head injury and wounded ego coming in. 


Anonymous said...

the top: have a feeling that's not the first time he's been slapped in the face with a flying wiener. just saying.
the 4th from top: just airing it out.
the 5th from top: those black shark labs are the most dangerous.
the 6th from top: the girl gets the bronze just for effort. good try.

DF Wide Wide World of Sports

Anonymous said...

Cross fitters are idiots.

And I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Love the slow-mo. It's like the worst nightmare of all your alt-right closet gay commentors.


Anonymous said...

I would like to read the back story on that lifter...broken neck? Dead?

Harry Hamid said...

These all make me feel less bad about how stupid I look on an hourly basis.